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Resident Evil 4

Capcom Production Studio

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Description of Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is a survival horror shooter video game published by Capcom. It is a game of a mission to rescue the preside’s daughter who has been kidnapped by a cult of Spain when she travels to an unknown village. So, it has an absolute horror dramatic game plot.

It is customized for android mobile phone users. So, the interface of the Resident Evil 4 game is user-friendly. You can also change more than 10 languages to play the game i.e. German, Portuguese, English, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and France, etc.

People generally like thrill whether it is real or unreal. This game creates real horror in your mind when you play the game. This is because there is excitement in every step of the game. So, people download Resident Evil 4 APK with great craze and play the game with huge enthusiasm.

It is a completely single-player mode game to play.


The gameplay focuses on Gun shootouts and Action with horror elements. To weaken the enemies, shoot up, down, and straight.

  • Shooting to the feet causes the enemies to stumble
  • Shooting to the arms drops the weapons
  • Players can shoot down projectiles

Players can handle the situation and interact as such to attack the enemies. So, they do not depend on only the weapons. From time to time change the plan and go forward to fighting.


The main characters of the Resident Evil 4 game are,

  1. Leon S Kennedy
  2. Ashley Graham
  3. Luis Sera
  4. Ingrid Hannigan
  5. Ada Wong
  6. Ramon Salazar
  7. Bitores Mendez
  8. Jack Krauser
  9. Osmund Sadler
  10. Alber Wesker
  11. Villagers and Zealots


Every layer of the game is amazing for its narrative, gameplay, graphics, voice acting, and characters. For its popularity, several times Resident Evil 4 and its series achieved the best game all-time title.

Resident Evil 4
Capcom Production Studio

33.49 MB

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