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Ludo Ninja

Team Ludo Ninja

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Description of Ludo Ninja

Ludo Ninja APK is an online game that is designed and developed for Android. This game allows you to participate in an online Ludo game against other participants. Game lovers need to pass 24 moves to score maximum. Generally, winners achieved the highest score in this game.

Players gain rewards and real cash if pass a move successfully. This earning money can use to continue the Ludo Ninja game easily and smoothly. Presently, it is the most exciting and entertaining game in India. Ludo is a very popular game all over the world with a diverse name.

Gameplay of Ludo Ninja

Players need to roll a 6 to start the game. Rolling a 6 allows providing another bonus chance for the participants. If the bonus outcome is 6 you got another chance. But, if 3rd roll is again 6 you do not move. You just pass the roll to another participant.

Movements turn frequently before finishing the latest Ludo Ninja game. At the end of the game, someone gets the victory. During it, players can chat with the other participants and share different instant reaction symbols such as emojis, emoticons, and smiles.

You find excitement, thrill, and entertainment by playing it. The winner gets Ludo Cup at last.

Ludo Ninja has 3 game modes,

  1. Classic: It is a traditional or conventional game.
  2. Quick: It is a short time game.
  3. Master: It is called Superstar mode.

Features of Ludo Ninja

  • Classic online multiplayer score-based game
  • Epic Hit Board game with a brand new format  
  • Play with 2 and 4 players
  • Having an exclusive ludo club
  • Moves are the same for all players  
  • Finding a gaming strategy to apply
  • Invites friends and family to join the game
  • Share through different social media platforms

You do not get worried about data safety issues. It is 100% encrypted.

The Ludo Ninja game is comparatively small-size. It occupies low space from Android.

As a result, you can install and play the game from a low-end device. There is no chance of losing the navigational speed of your device. It is a 100% free game. You do not need to pay a single penny from your wallet. So, there is no worrying matter about the financial transaction.

So, without feeling hesitation, you can install and enjoy the game.

Ludo Ninja APK is so enjoyable game all over the globe that never feel you bored.

You will get the real entertainment from this game. Whenever you have a gloomy mind you can communicate with 2 or 4 friends and start the game online immediately. Wherever you belong, you can play the game if you have an internet connection available.

Ludo Ninja
Team Ludo Ninja

28.62 MB

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