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Project IGI

Eidos Interactive

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Description of Project IGI

Project IGI APK is an entertaining video game for Android smartphone users. It is a first-person shooter game. This game is designed and developed by Interloop Studios. It was released on 8 December 2000. After releasing the game, it gains popularity all over the world.

It is c considered one of the greatest games in the history of video games. People enjoy the Project IGI game in their free time and get rid of boredom.

Gameplay of Project IGI

It is one of the greatest military action games. It has a nice plot to attract game lovers and enthusiasts. The entire gameplay revolved around Agent David Jones. In the game, there are different teams. Every team has distinctive members.

IGI Team

  • David Jones
  • Rebecca Anya
  • Senator PatLenehen
  • Captain Harison

Double Agent

  • Robert Quest
  • Phillip White

Independent Members

  • Ekk
  • Jach Priboi
  • Josef Priboi
  • General Wu Xing
  • Major Zaleb Said

Project IGI game is a Military action-packed game. It includes huge fun, action, and entertainment.

Every section is unique and fantastic. You need to accomplish certain activities and objectives to advance to the next level. Every level is challenging as Games protagonists and antagonists face intense battles ground. Game players need to wait with keeping patience to complete the level.

You must stand after defeating several times.

During the game, players find a variety of weapons and different types of equipment to sustain the game. The protagonist and antagonist engage in conflicts. The ex-British SAS agent David Jones is sent to Estonia by the Pentagon to track down the kidnaped arms dealer Josef Priboi. Mr. Josef preserved important information about the recent theft of the American W-88 nuclear Warhead from the depot in Germany.

In this mission, David Jones is accompanied by Rebecca Anya with several military crews. Mr. Jones finally traces Josef Priboi. Here, Josef states that his uncle Jach Priboi attempts to sell the warhead to a mysterious party. David Jones captures Mr. Jach for interrogation.

The helicopter is shot down by a hostile fighter jet. In this situation, a team of armed men comes to investigate the crashed site. The group’s female commander Ekk orders to capture the Jach. But, Rebecca Anya informs the teams that Jach Priboi is transported to an unknown location.

Finally, Ekk and David Jones's forces evacuate the area via Helicopter.

Features of Project IGI

  • Tactical shooter genre
  • Single-player mode game
  • Wonderful game for its effects, transition, 3D animation, graphics, and good sound quality
  • Sound quality feels like real-life conflict
  • All eyes are drawn to unbreakable action moments
  • A large selection of armors, tools, equipment, and weapons

The wonderful matter is that this game is 100% free if you install the latest APK version from this website. You need not pay a single penny from your pocket. So, install the game and enjoy unlimited. Project IGI APK provides you with an amazing combat experience.

You find a real fighting atmosphere and battleground design.

So, you never get bored. All time you thrill that what happens.

Project IGI
Eidos Interactive

84.25 MB

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