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Description of FIFA 14

FIFA 14 game is an excellent soccer video game for Android mobile phone users. It is one of the most popular sports video games all over the world. Soccer fans and lovers choose the FIFA 14 game to play frequently for its interesting real lifetime features and functions.

The game looks so authentic so that you feel it is a real game. It follows real-time game strategies such as players pass each other, shoot, cross, makes a goal, makes fouls, and so on. To manage the game there is the referee and several linesmen. As a result, FIFA 14 is the most successful game.

FIFA 14 is completely safe and secure for your device as it does not have any malicious virus and threat to harm your android phone. Besides, it is 100% legal. So, to set up and publish the game, this Android game team followed all legal procedures. 

Features of FIFA 14,

  • Single-player and Multiplayer game
  • Stunning and stimulating game design
  • 3D animation, good graphic and effects
  • Having advanced AI to make players react like a real-time player
  • Showing more realistic movement “Trues Player Motion”
  • Increasing real-life environments such as weather, atmosphere, and crowd
  • Game mode allows the players to form their own team like real-world players, team staff
  • Online and offline tournament and division
  • 33 fully licensed league consisting of 600 clubs and 16000 players
  • Real-time 11 vs 11 football match
  • Earn rewards based on performance
  • Play in all official recognized competitions worldwide i.e. participate in UEFA champions league and UEFA European league events
  • Update regularly to keep up the game smooth
  • Include all-star players such as Messi, Ronaldo, Salah, Mbapee, Neymar, Kane and so many

Overall, FIFA 14 game is such a wonderful game that always fascinates you to play the game again and again. So, it gives you an exciting experience.

EA Swiss Sarl

16.39 MB

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