Roman Nurik and Ian Lake

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Description of Muzei

Muzei APK is a live wallpaper Android app that is created to provide a special feature to its users to make their devices look cool and differentiate from others devices. There is a unique feature of this app that is about redesigning the home screen of an Android device routinely.

It also has other features that also give additional services to users. The latest Muzei app has a wide range of famous artworks that users can apply to their devices. Simultaneously, it can be used for the home screen background to create artworks vague that will support to keep icons in the spotlight.

Muzei application becomes one of the most popular live wallpaper apps because of its unique feature of bringing the background and home screen of Android devices to life with its illustrious live artworks.

Features of Muzei App

It provides a variety of features that are easily accessible and understandable to its users. These features are very handy to apply to your device.

  • Provides two sources to choose the wallpaper of the home screen. Users can either set the wallpaper with fresh artwork every day or set photos from their phone storage or Instagram photos
  • Includes MultiMuze plugin options that will support you to sort out more than one source at a single time along with a time interval for rotation
  • The interface is easy-to-use. Anyone with a little knowledge of smartphones can use this app efficiently
  • The Application Programming Interface (API) of Muzei latest version is very comprehensible by which you can create and customize wallpaper sources that would be your own creation
  • A new feature, watch face for Android Wear is introduced in this app where users can be able to watch the wallpaper in their smartwatch
  • Users have the liberty to blur the wallpaper of the home screen so that they don’t have to struggle to see the app icons, widgets, or other kinds of stuff
  • A very light app that won’t slow down your Android device

How To Use Muzei App

  1. At the very beginning, you have to download Muzei APK from this website completely free and install it on your device.
  2. As you complete the installation process, you are ready to explore the biggest library of exclusive artworks. By touching twice on the wallpaper, you can explore the artwork library.
  3. There is an option in the settings of the app where you can control and adjust the basic Blur and Dim effects. Also, you will get an Advanced option in the dropdown menu the moment you have completed adjusting the effects.
  4. It offers Live Wallpaper Extensions or Plugins with the support of the API system for the developers, for example, Muzei Reddit, Apod Muzei, Muzei – 500px Extension, Muzei Tumblr Photos, etc. If you are a developer you can not only add your wallpaper sources but also share those with others and choosing any of these extensions will help users to unlock a lot of different types of wallpaper.
  5. By downloading one of these extensions, you can choose your preferable wallpaper from the slideshow in the Muzei app.


The latest version of the Muzei APK continuously provides the best services to its users and that makes it the most popular live wallpaper app for Android. With its ability to change wallpaper automatically between images, it gains a lot of positive reviews from critics.

Users can completely rely on this app without any hesitation and enjoy its beautiful atmosphere.

Roman Nurik and Ian Lake

10.66 MB

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