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Apple Pie

Apple Pie

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Description of Apple Pie

Apple Pie APK is an exciting application that was designed and developed for Android users. Mainly, it is used to play a prank on your friends. This app gives you a sudden chance to make uncomfortable situations for your friends, family members, and colleagues.

There is no intention to hurt anybody. The latest Apple Pie app aims to make fun with people. The prank is a vital part of people’s life. At different ages, people play pranks in different ways. Users of this app create fake, funny calls and messages to embarrass them instantly.

Key Features of Apple Pie

  • Send and share personalized messages as a prank
  • Work as a fun social media to connect and communicate with dearest one
  • Create online groups and communities
  • Share post and status
  • Having the option to invite and follow others
  • Having available interesting and eye-catchy pranking modes
  • Use different ways to prank  such as obscene pictures, ringtones, voices, videos, and wallpapers
  • Great user experience as you do not find any irritating ads if you run it on your Android
  • An attractive user interface to generate prank content

How To Download And Install Apple Pie

The installation process is extremely simple for Android users. You need to see the below steps that must support you.

  1. Open the Android Setting to activate the Unknown.
  2. Download Apple Pie APK from this Website.
  3. Finally, after downloading, you just tap on Install to end the installation process.

The Apple Pie app is completely secure. You do9 not lose your private data and information if you install the app on your Android. You can depend on the platform. Besides, this app is 100% safe. No spyware that steals your stored data. It is free of bugs, malware, bloatware, threats, and viruses

So, you find a clean app to run smoothly. This Apple Pie application is legitimate. No evidence or proof is found yet that it is illegal. This is because it followed all international rules and regulations before coming into the existence. So, you do not get worried about legality, security, and safety issue.

The interesting matter is that it is a lightweight app. If you want to install the application you need not have a high-end device. You just need to have a low-end device as it occupies only 2MB of memory space from your mobile phone's RAM. So, it does not become a heavy burden for your device.

Besides, it is a free application for Android smartphone users.

If you install it you do not need to spend or invest a single cent from your pocket. Apple Pie APK is an excellent app to share pranks and fun content with friends. You can send and share a lot of prank resources of a different style to shake people's minds suddenly.

As a result, it is assured that you never feel bored if you install the app.

Apple Pie
Apple Pie

1.27 MB

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