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Black KineMaster

KineMaster Corporation

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Description of Black KineMaster

Black KineMaster is a fully modded version of the original KineMaster which also use to make and edit videos of Android phone. It is an enhanced version app with some advanced features. All features are open and unlock for the users. The app is 100% free for all. No subscription is required.

It is another variant version of KineMaster. Keeping all existing features, it added new features to attract the users.

People visit and tour different locations for their business and entertainment. They use smartphone to snap picture and contain videos for sharing in various social media sites. Raw videos and photos do not look nice. So, they need to edit it. In this case, Black KineMaster app helps massively to edit and make it eye-catchy.


Several distinctive features and functions that distinguish from others,

  • Completely remove the existing watermark. So, after editing videos no watermark remains available. Original one has watermark that irritates when using
  • Filtering Audio recording including external voice and do voice modulation
  • Different new themes make the app attractive
  • Premium like service with free of cost
  • Chroma Key, using to replace partial or complete video or image or color
  • 100% safe and secured
  • Set multiplayer features to edit
  • Ultra HD Quality can be useful to edit. Don’t need to import HD background the app has a similar library that helps to use it
  • Save videos : 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and 4K HD quality
  • Video speed increased and decreased added. So, you control speed according to your timing
  • Green screen effect included
  • Black KineMaster buttons have black shadow. It is designed especially who like dark color  
  • Interface is eye-catchy and unique than other modded version of KineMaster
  • Multi-layer for audio and video

In a nutshell, although Black KineMaster is modified, it has attractive features to edit videos.

Black KineMaster
KineMaster Corporation

22.78 MB

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