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Description of YoWhatsApp

Do you want to connect and communicate with unlimited people all over the world virtually?

If yes, you can choose YoWhatsApp APK for your Android smartphone. It is not only a modification of WhatsApp but also an advanced enhancement considering the unique features. It is a haven for messenger lovers who like diversification.

YoWhatsApp app is an unofficial and third-party platform that is the customized version of the original version. It provides you with a lot of instant reaction elements, symbols, and signs such as smileys, emojis, emoticons, stickers, and so on.

It contains a set of amazing features that you have never seen before in any WhatsApp modification version. If you would like to enjoy features like hiding online status, blue ticks, customized themes, icons, the privacy you do not hesitate to download YoWhatsApp latest version.

Yo WhatsApp app allows you to open a group and invite people to join the group. You also can make group chat, audio & video calls to hang out. So, people can share their feeling with similar-minded people. Overall, you can connect and meet unlimited people virtually.

It is developed and published by Yousef Al Basha.

Features of YoWhatsApp

  • Keep your message safe to set a built-in locker. So, there is no chance to hack your necessary information
  • Sending 10 full-resolution images at the same time without any hassle
  • Send videos up to 700 MB size file.
  • Hide contact profile picture, name, call button, and date & time when copying the message.
  • Setting custom wallpaper for per contact. Every chat you can set unique wallpaper.
  • You can select more than 10 languages i.e. Hindi, Spanish, German, Italian, Turkish, and so on
  • Navigate app is easy and fast.
  • Conversation cards options: whenever you chat with your friends if you press the recent message button your all chats get the cards.
  • You can change the launcher icon without installing third-party icon apps
  • In this YoWhatsApp online app, you can disable the audio playing notification status bar.
  • Freeze the last-seen - you can make yourself unavailable online totally. For example, you Freeze at 11.00 pm but your real online time is 2.00, if you do freeze it shows 11.00 pm. So you are online no one knows it.
  • When you Call block, nobody makes any call to you
  • After replying shows blue tics
  • Anti-delete message and status: Normally if anybody deletes any Status and message or chat it is not seen. In this app, you find an option to see a delete message.
  • Status by keeping you invisible to other people.
  • Amazing 4000+ themes. You can customize as you want and change the appearing to show
  • Various colors, text, and background help to customize the home screen. Change the home screen text size.
  • Set your name on the home screen.
  • Contact online notifier. If you wait to call anybody but he or she is not available online after coming online the person is notified about the call or message.

In the end, nowadays privacy is a big issue for online platforms. In this case, YoWhatsApp APK deals it with it very efficiently and effectively. So, the app becomes the first choice to consider as the message and, audio & video call app-based social media.

Yousef Al Basha

89.18 MB

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