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Flappy Bird

GEARS Studios

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Description of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird game is an amazing mobile game developed by Vietnamese programmer and video game creator Dong Nguyen. It is a very popular and successful game all over the world. You can play the game 100% free online. You don't spend a single penny to install and play the game.

People always worry about the speed and security of their mobile settings. They don't always want to lose their normal stability and speed when running Android. If your mobile contains malware, it will slow you down. In general, the slow speed stimulates everything. In this case, the Flappy Bird game is completely free of viruses, threats and malware.

In addition, Flappy Bird is 100% legal, complying with all international rules and regulations.

Very enjoyable for people of all ages around the world. Android users can play to pass their idle time and free time. The unique features and functions of this game always fascinate you. So, to get a quick idea about the game, here are some features:

Useful features and features Flappy Bird game:

  • single player video game
  • Use the side scroller to control the bird 
  • Glide to avoid all obstacles and obstacles
  • Tap the screen to spread the wings of the birds
  • Very easy user interface for everyone to understand and enjoy the instructions of the game
  • arcade style game
  • You get 1 point for each pass through the player.
  • As you accumulate points, you can win prizes such as 10 bronze medals and 20 silver medals. 30 points gold medal, 40 points platinum medal, etc.
  • Flappy Bird automatically descends, but rises while the player taps the touchscreen.

Simply put, Flappy Bird game is a fantastic fun video game for Android phone users. So you can install it and play to enjoy your free time.

Flappy Bird
GEARS Studios

11.85 MB

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