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YouTube Kids

Google LLC

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Description of YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids application is a stimulating video app that is exclusively designed by YouTube for American kids. Presently it is available in different countries such as Australia, Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Chile, Ghana, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Africa, South Korea, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Jamaica, Japan, Malaysia, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Nigeria, New Zealand, Peru, United States, United Kingdom and so on. It is a completely free app.

No payment is required to install and use the YouTube Kids app.

You remain concerned about the safety and security of your device. Don’t worry, YouTube Kids is 100% safe and secure. It does not carry any malware that harms your android phone’s speed and stability. Besides, it is undoubtedly a legitimate application. There is no question of illegal issues as it is a Google product. So, without any hesitation, you can choose the channel for your kid’s convenience. 

Necessary Features and Functions of YouTube Kids app:

  • New and separate version video app curated for children’s
  • Kids friendly content that is full of fun, excitement, and enjoyable information to learn and entertain
  • YouTube Kids is wholly appropriate for kids
  • Family-friendly videos of different topics
  • Design is simple that helps kids to interact with apps properly
  • 4 video categories such as music, recommended programs, explore shows, and learn
  • Supporting Chromecast that helps to mobile stream plugs into the large screen to play contents and watch with family
  • Having a large kid's friendly content library
  • Parental control option such as set time limits, restricts users to use the search tool, use a passcode to protect their account setting, configure profiles for multiple users
  • Channel’s videos help to identify inner creativity and playfulness
  • Ads-free playback
  • Block video any time

In a nutshell, YouTube Kids application gives children’s a safer online experience. So, it is considered a convenient kid's entertainment platform. 

YouTube Kids
Google LLC

77.34 MB

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