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Description of WhatsApp Prime

WhatsApp Prime app is an excellent modified app of official WhatsApp. It is distinctive from the original one for its extra attractive functions and features. Nowadays, all over the world, WhatsApp Prime has become the most popular mod application to users.

Android users consider the app as a boon for its usefulness. Now, you can make video & audio calls, record, message, share audio, video, and other files through WhatsApp Prime.

Presently, WhatsApp is the most used messenger or social media app around the world. Day by day the appeal of this app is increasing. But, it is a common habit that people love additional features. WhatsApp Prime has added new features frequently by updating but in this case, the original one lags far behind. So, this modded app excels the official app based on extra functions.

It is 100% safe and secure for android users. You don’t feel concerned about any kind of hassle as it does not carry any kind of malware to harm your device. Besides, WhatsApp Prime app follows all legal procedures to establish the app. So, it achieves good user reviews and high rating points.

There are several WhatsApp mods in the market. But, this Android application keeps up uniqueness than other modified apps. Some special features are given below.


  • Hide the original location where you are
  • Hide last seen and status view
  • Two steps authentication
  • Image contains the quality when sharing in chat
  • Character limits increased in all text fields than the official app
  • Very user-friendly interface and design
  • More themes, wallpapers, colors, emoji, emoticons, stickers
  • Allowing  Photos to zoom in and out
  • WhatsApp and WhatsApp Prime both can keep on the same device and use at the same time
  • Having anti-ban features
  • Sharing larger different files including video and audio. Video file length increase to 70 MB
  • Copy others status and bio
  • Create a group similar minded to hang out by exchanging messaging, audio & video call

In short, WhatsApp Prime app is famous for its instant messaging. It enhances the user experience. Overall, this app offers the newest and latest features for android users. So, users can communicate very easily.

WhatsApp Prime

42.72 MB

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