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Description of WhatsApp Red

WhatsApp Red APK is an excellent modified app converted from the original WhatsApp by adding some new features. It works as an instant messaging and chatting app. The wonderful matter is that you can find a lot of unique themes that allow customizing the interface nicely.

It helps you to connect and communicate with people all over the world. you can exchange text messages, make audio-video calls, and create similar-minded groups. WhatsApp Red app is an unofficial and third-party version. Abu Arab is the modifier and developer of this app.

It gains popularity all over the globe. Now, it has 5 million active installs.

The amazing matter is that you can keep both official and the latest WhatsApp Red application. So, you can use a different app for different purposes such as personal, business, or professional. As a result, you do not get confused when you call your near and dearest one.

Features of WhatsApp Red

  • Using voice changer for audio messages
  • Having personalized themes to change the outlook or appearance of the app
  • Hide the contact names and mute calls
  • Special notifications creation 
  • Create a schedule to send messages
  • Change the user accounts
  • Having Auto-reply option when you are not available online
  • Create a group – invite people to join the group, and make audio and video calls to hang out with the friends
  • Create a profile with a profile picture and description
  • Finding more elements than the official one such as color, background color, wallpapers, themes, and so on
  • Getting more instant rection symbols such as emojis, emoticons, smiles, and so on
  • Tracing location
  • Share different formated large files such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image, audio, video, and so on
  • Keep hide from the online availability to avoid unwanted and disturbing calls and messages
  • Anti delete option – if the sender deletes the message, it does not erase from your end. You can see it after deleting

How To Install WhatsApp Red For Android Smartphone

  1. Create a chat or message back up – Tap on 3 Lines > after that you get several options, you just Click on Setting and then tap on chat Setting > Click on Chat Back-up.
  2. Secondly, from this website, download WhatsApp Red APK now.
  3. Uninstall the original WhatsApp from your device to avoid unwanted problems.
  4. Click on the install button to finish the installation process.
  5. At last, it is prepared to open and use to connect and communicate with the friends.

WhatsApp Red app is a completely free app.

You find every feature and function without investing a single penny from your pocket. You can use it all time to communicate with friends all over the world you just need the available internet connection. Besides, you do not get worried about safety security and legality.

It is 100% alright. It does not contain any harmful elements. So, you can install it and connect unlimited people all over the globe. WhatsApp Red APK is a very recognized mod application for communication by exchanging instant messages. You also can make audio and video calls through the app.

WhatsApp Red

74.94 MB

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