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Description of WhatsApp

Presently, communication is simple for the messenger application. WhatsApp app is a very common and popular messenger application all over the world. It allows you to communicate easily and conveniently with your friends and family.

Monthly, more than 2 billion people and 180 countries people now use the WhatsApp application smoothly. It is a great boon for Android users. Users do not need to spend a single penny from their mobile phones if they have WhatsApp. Standing anywhere in the world, you can communicate with your closest-one nonstop 24/7.

In 2019 status, 340 million Indians and 99 million Brazilian use this messenger application. Day by day the domination is increasing remarkably.

WhatsApp app is now a very friendly communication tool for android users. Now, the main authority of this app is Facebook.

There are thousands of messenger apps in the market. It is the best for its unique and dominating features. The interesting matter is that WhatsApp is free for users.

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp app is highly secured and safe. Your data and information keep in private. So, you can use it without any kind of fear of losing privacy. This app follows all international legal procedures, rules, and regulations.

You do not feel bothered and find and face any kind of problems to use.

Exciting features and functions:

  • Secure, simple, and reliable application
  • Invite friends through Mobile SMS, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, nearby share, copy link, shareme, messenger, Twitter, Pinterest and so many
  • Chatting by sending and exchanging text and voice message
  • Making audio and video calls. It has a built-in camera
  • Share image, documents file, videos, and voice record with up to 256 people simultaneously.  You also can send up to 100 MB of document
  • Create group and chatting and make group call to hang out
  • Status update and share it to Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Bluetooth, and so on
  • Scan QR code
  • By searching option, you can find everything whatever you share with your friends
  • In posting status time, you can write text,  snap a Live picture and make a video and edit it.
  • Posting status and modified and filtered it through adding text and caption, color, theme, emoji, emoticon, and so on.

In brief, at this moment, WhatsApp app is very famous as a messenger app in most countries for its convenient use.

WhatsApp Inc.

94.07 MB

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