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TP-Link Tether

TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Description of TP-Link Tether

TP-Link Tether app is an amazingly easiest way to remotely access and manage the router. It helps to carry out the most common settings such as name, password, access controls rules, internet networks, wireless networks, and so on. Mainly, this TP-Link Tether application allows you to have control a network by monitoring the connected devices, real-time access permission, connection status.

It is a 100% free application for android. You don’t require paying for this app’s installation. Besides, it is a safe and secure application as it does not carry any virus, malware, and threat that affects your device harmfully. In addition, the latest TP-Link Tether application is legitimate fully. There is no illegal thing found still. So, it is assumed that you don’t face any difficulty if you install and use the app.

Necessary features and functions of TP-Link Tether:

  • Configureeffectively router, modem, and WiFi signal
  • Share WiFipassword with others
  • Do SSID VDSL/ADSL, password setting
  • Limit and block unauthorized users
  • Create permission management for every device
  • Support many brands and models’ devices
  • Audit and monitor connected device
  • Simple and intuitive user interface that helps any poor tech-savvy user to handle easily
  • Manage approval or permit for the client device
  • Parental control functionality
  • URL based internet connections management
  • Manage many TP-Link simultaneously
  • Upgrade frequently to get rid of unnecessary bugs that help to continue the smooth operation of the app

In a nutshell, TP-Link Tether app is a great tool for android users to keep configures their router properly. Now, you can choose the app for your convenience.

TP-Link Tether
TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd.

143 MB

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