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Description of DroidSheep

DroidSheep APK is used to control the traffic on Android devices that are connected to the WifI. It is designed and developed by Corsin Camichel. This app allows the user to intercept unprotected Web-browser secession using the WiFi network.

It enables the to simulate the risks and threats and identify vulnerabilities in your network. It helps to diagnose problematic issues and apply different ways to avoid threats. DroidSheep app is designed and developed for legal purposes. It is not used to snoop on or steal the password.

This app does not violate privacy.

Key Features of DroidSheep Application

  • Identifying the devices connected to the WiFi Network
  • Intercepting the data when sending and receiving
  • An open-source Android app
  • Very reliable for Testing the security vulnerabilities
  • Work better-rooted device
  • Audit the connected traffic to analyze the total status of the traffic. Reading data and capturing the password of other online services i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on
  • Choose and Clear the Wifi List
  • Delete all hosts from the blacklist

How To Download And Install DroidSheep

  1. Move to Unknown Source from your mobile by following steps – click on Setting > tap on Security > enable the Unknown Source.
  2. Now, download DroidSheep APK latest version from the site.
  3. You just go to the install button to carry out the process.
  4. At last, open and run it to identify the WiFi connection.

The amazing matter is that it occupies only 263 KB of space from your Android smartphone memory. If you install the APK version of this app it is not a heavy burden. As a result, you can keep it on a low-end device without losing the navigational speed of your device.

So, you do not face problems operating the app and device.

The interface of DroidSheep app is very simple and easy that a poor tech-savvy person can use it. You see 2 checkbox sections and a start button. On the left side, next to the start button, you find a text field that displays the status. You get the spoofing address on top of the screen.

So, you do not get worried about the operation and navigation.

The latest DroidSheep application is a 100% free, safe, secure, and legal. Users do not need to pay a single penny from their wallets. It is a safe app as it updates regularly to fix bugs, malware, and bloatware. So, you can depend on it. In addition, it is a 100% secure tool or software.

If you install it on your device thre is no chance to lose the valuable information that preserver on your Android phone. Moreover, this app is legitimate. It followed all legal procedures to set up the app. so, you do not concern about the security, safety, and legality of the platform.

In a nutshell, DroidSheep APK analyzes the security of the wireless network. Thre are several alternatives to this app. But, this mobile application is the best for its functional features. So, without delay, you can install and use it at your convenience.

Andreas Koch

0.26 MB

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