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Description of NetHunter

NetHunter APK is a useful tool designed and developed to test all types of systems and connections. It is a new version of the Kali Linux Distribution. It is structured for those who worked in networks and take care of security. Truly, it can create resistance to support the external attack.

Android system always remains vulnerable as you frequently download a lot of files and programs from the internet. You can apply penetration test b using the latest NetHunter app. Fundamentally, it is an open-source Android mobile penetration testing platform.

Thre are several similar applications in the field. But, NetHunter application is one of the most powerful tools all over the world. Android users often use the tool for their convenience. For its usefulness, it gains huge popularity. So, there is no hesitating matter to install the app.

You just choose the app and enjoy its better service.

How To Run NetHunter on Android

  1. Firstly, download to pre-built own image.
  2. Put the device in developer mode.
  3. Keep unlocked the device.
  4. Install TWRP.
  5. Flash Magisk.
  6. Now, install updated NetHunter.

Key Features of NetHunter

  • Support for software that is defined by radio
  • Compatible with USB cable
  • Having a menu system
  • BadUSB MITM Attacks
  • Requires rooted device
  • USB HID Key Board Attacks for execution
  • Friendly designed for all Android version

How To Download And Install NetHunter

  1. Firstly, enable Unknown Source option - go to next steps – click on 3 lines to identify the Setting option> then tap on Security > after that tap on Unknown Source to activate.
  2. Download NetHunter APK version.
  3. At last, just click on Install to accomplish the installation.
  4. Now, start the app and run it.

The interesting matter is that you get the app for 100% free. There is no investment that you need for the installation of the app. Besides, it is a lightweight platform. It occupies a small memory space or data from your device. So, you require a low-end Android to keep the app.

Your device does not decrease operational and navigational speed as it occupies only 4 MB of data. So, if you install the app on Android it never becomes heavy burdened. NetHunter app is a completely safe app for Android users. No unsafe elements are found yet that affect your device.

So, you can keep trusting it. This app is completely secure. If you install it you never fall into a dangerous situation. You do not lose the important information that is kept on your device. Moreover, it is a legitimate app that followed all legal standards, procedures, and, regulations set up.

Still, there is no proof found yet that it is engaged in any kind of unlawful activities.

So, you do not get worried about the legality, security, or safety of this app. NetHunter APK allows easier interaction with different security tools and attacks. It is designed to examine and test all types of systems. So, you do not think twice to enjoy its service.

Offensive Security

8.94 MB

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