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SAKURA School Simulator

Garusoft Development Inc.

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Description of SAKURA School Simulator

SAKURA School Simulator Short Story: It 's a simulation game where you can live as a student in the city of SAKURA at a high school. You can get married and live with your family. You find endless activities that often take place in our family in real life. to enjoy the game You will find characters, situations and tools in the game. You find a way to play that you like and you can create whatever situation you want. All in all, you can make friends, find a partner and enjoy the full school life.

SAKURA School Simulator Useful Features and Functions:

  • Play with 5 different characters.
  • Design and build your avatar.
  • Create and customize characters such as schoolgirls and girls.
  • Unlock many add-ons
  • Create a character and an avatar will appear automatically.
  •  In Sakura City, no one will die. But the next day he woke up to take revenge.
  • Interact with environmental characters.
  • Activities can include raid, causing chaos, jumping, flying with a jetpack, visiting houses, interacting with animals, killing people, going shopping, driving, cars, changing clothes, going to the bathroom, visiting a wedding church, going out shopping, and more. what we need
  • Excellent graphics and animation
  • Simple control system to navigate
  • Two ways to play the game: 1. Find friends & lovers and build a school life to enjoy the game 2. Borrow weapons from the Yakuza and go on a rampage.

In short, the SAKURA School Simulator game is great for the younger generation. They can enjoy it a lot.

SAKURA School Simulator
Garusoft Development Inc.

178.50 MB

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