Purple WhatsApp

Omar Badeeb

76.36 MB


Description of Purple WhatsApp

Purple WhatsApp APK is the top instant messaging mod app. Here you will get the most modern and personalized features. This mod app is mainly designed for girls. That’s why from theme colors to logos, chats, calls, and settings everything you will find in purple.

However, this latest Purple WhatsApp app will be the best choice for a couple. With this mod app, they can instantly share their most memorable moments more efficiently. But like any user, you can choose this app for your instant messaging application as well.

Also, to keep your personal data and credential information safe, you will have the best security features on the modified app. Consequently, while using the app you will feel more secure.

Features of Purple WhatsApp Application

Here are some of the best features you can have on this mod app to enhance your messaging experience. If you are an Android user, then surely you don’t want to miss out on looking at this cool feature.

  • Completely customize the interface such as text background color, font color, and font style.
  • Hide profile picture, online status, last seen, and much more. Now keep your online activities private from specific contacts more smoothly than ever.
  • Easily download your friends or family's status stories without letting them know.
  • This cool feature allows users to multitask while recording a voice message.
  • Easily read your friends or family deleted messages. It allows users to retrieve and view the deleted message whether the sender deleted it intentionally or not.
  • Get various kinds of theme choices to bring a different vibe to your messaging box.
  • Now, without compromising your image quality, share your memorable moments with close people. This feature allows users to send multiple images without sacrificing resolution.

How To Lock Purple WhatsApp On Android

To keep your personal messages and credential information secure, you can lock your mobile app on your Android device. To do that, follow the methods below.

Firstly, download Purple WhatsApp APK and open the app.

Secondly, tap on the three-dot menu in the top right corner and choose settings.

Next, tap on Privacy.

Now, search below for the fingerprint lock and tap on that when you find it.

After that, tap on the toggle on the right and turn on unlock with the fingerprint.

Now, confirm your fingerprint by touching the sensors.

Lastly, choose how long before the mod app requires a fingerprint scan to re-enter, according to your comfort time, you can make it 1 minute or 30 minutes it’s up to you.


Purple WhatsApp APK is one of the most modified versions.

Its fantastic features will not disappoint you, instead, it will change your messaging experience with friends. Now say goodbye to the previous messaging apps, which had a lot of limitations and restrictions, and keep in touch with people in a more amazing way by using this exciting mod app.

Purple WhatsApp
Omar Badeeb

76.36 MB

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