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Description of PictureThis

PictureThis APK is an Android app that assists users to identify and learn about different plants and flowers by simply capturing and uploading photos of the plants. It allows users to take photos of plants, upload them to them, and receive instant information and detailed descriptions about them by using image recognition technology.

The latest PictureThis application offers a wide range of useful features to enhance the user experience. It allows users to create their plant albums to keep track of their findings, save favorite plants for future reference, and share their findings with friends and other users through social media platforms.

Users will get gardening tips, plant care advice, and suggestions from this application.

Features of PictureThis App

  • This application provides an accuracy rate of approximately 98% for identifying more than 17,000 plant species by analyzing plants and their species
  • It can automatically diagnose the diseases of the sick plants and suggest the best treatment for curing and restoring the plants including necessary fertilizers or tonics
  • PictureThis latest version offers a huge database of plants by which users will get accurate information about the identified plants including their scientific names, common names, families, genus, native regions, and key characteristics
  • Users will get step-by-step instructions on how to take care of their plants and also get notifications for the timetable to water, fertilize, mist, clean, and repot the plants
  • There is a light meter by which users can also monitor how much sunlight the plants absorb
  • This app provides round-the-clock trained experts from whom you can get extensive plants care and treatment advice by simply chatting with them within the app
  • It helps you to identify toxic plants around you so that you can keep your pets, children, and family safe from them
  • You can manage and keep track of all the plants, trees, and flowers from your plant collection by creating your own wish list
  • This application gives you the best advice on your next plant purchase based on the skills required, your gardening space, and other factors

How To Use PictureThis App

  1. To download PictureThis APK for free, you have to download it from this website by clicking the download button that is already given here.
  2. After completing the download, you have to go to your downloads folder and click on the app to install it.
  3. Then, go to your device’s home screen and click on the app icon to open it.
  4. After opening the app, you have to allow it to access your device’s camera and photo library and click on the Continue button to proceed further. It will take you to the homepage of it.
  5. Now, tap on the camera icon and aim at the plant that you want to identify and take a clear, and well-focused photo.
  6. After taking the photo, you have to upload it from your device’s gallery and confirm the upload. Then the app will analyze the photo to identify the plant.
  7. Once the analysis has been completed, it will display the result by which you can see the common name, scientific name, family, genus, native regions, and other relevant information about the plant along with detailed descriptions and characteristics.
  8. To learn more about the plant, click on the additional information option and you will know about the plant care instructions, growth habits, preferred environmental conditions, and tips for taking care of it.
  9. Create a new album to save the plant’s details for future reference in terms of organizing the plant identifications and building a collection of plants.
  10. By clicking on the extensive plant database, you can explore new plants and expand your knowledge to discover new species.


PictureThis APK has become a go-to Android app for plant lovers, nature lovers, and others looking to increase their understanding of plants because of its user-friendly interface and simple features. The application offers a simple and effective approach to recognize plants and allows users to learn the names, traits, and maintenance needs of a wide range of species.

Whether you're a gardening expert trying to increase your plant knowledge or just someone who enjoys being outside and wants to learn more about the plants around you, this app is the best option for you.

Glority Global Group Ltd.

114 MB

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