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Description of SoundAbout

SoundAbout APK is a wonderful application that makes it easy to manage and monitor how sounds are played on an Android device. The amazing matter is that this application is 100% free for android and smartphone users. Users do not need to expend a single penny from their wallets.

It is a very secure and safe application for Android uses. It does not contain any malware or threat that hampers your device's speed and stability. So, you don’t feel concerned about the harmful effect. Besides, it updates frequently to get rid of unnecessary bugs and bloatware.

You can find a clean and quick application. In addition, the SoundAbout app is a 100% legal app for its users. Android Users never faced any kind of legal hassle whenever they install and run. It also followed all international legal rules and regulations to set up the app.

SoundAbout never engaged in any kind of unlawful activities. So, without a second thought, you can install the application for your user convenience. Generally, app users like lightweight applications. In this case, you have assured that it is a very small-sized application for android.

It doesn’t occupy huge space or storage from your device. So, after installing the app, it doesn’t slow your mobile. Overall, it is very useful for users. SoundAbout application has several competitors in a similar field. But, it creates its distinctive position by providing unique service.

You find competitive advantages from SoundAbout over other similar kinds of apps. Herewith, some functions and characteristics are mentioned to get a clear idea. So, let’s look below.

Features of SoundAbout:

  • Manage your device audio output setting  
  • Easily change the audio output source playing specific sounds
  • Clear and straightforward interface
  • A quick change can happen if plays with Bluetooth connection and HDMI port or Headphones
  • Change how multimedia audio is played on the device
  • Very easy setting and management
  • Gain full control over the audio profiles
  • Allow transmitting text to speech sound
  • Rectify sensitive audio jack or cable problem
  • Very easy user interface. So, any poor tech-savvy people can use the application
  • Having media routing functionality
  • Support seamlessly
  • Ringtones and notification can turn on
  • Having the option to search everything using your voice
  • More tone and behavioral styles
  • Easily adjust the audio configuration

In a nutshell, SoundAbout APK is a very practical application that gives you a wonderful experience. It is a small portable cassette player. So, you can install and run the app for your better convenience.

RareEarth Software

2.51 MB

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