NB WhatsApp

NB WhatsApp

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Description of NB WhatsApp

NB WhatsApp APK comes with lots of exciting and attractive features to give users the next-level experience. With this mod app, users will get customized options to bring a new environment to the messaging box.

With this latest NB WhatsApp app, you can now keep in touch with your family and friends more effectively than ever. In addition, you will encounter so many cool features that you have never experienced before.

To make your virtual audio-video call smoother, this mod app developer introduces exciting privacy customization features and functionality. Now bring change to your messaging approach and engage with people all over the world more innovatively.

Features Of NB WhatsApp Application

It is designed to meet all the requirements of users so that users can have a smooth messaging experience. On the other hand, in the official version, due to limited features, you may feel frustrated and angry. But the good news is those days are gone, now you don’t have to be stuck on limited features.

To make your messaging approach more secure and strong, switch to this phenomenal mod app.

How these cool features will impact your daily-life communication is demonstrated below,

  • Control audio-video and group call settings. Moreover, you can ignore specific contacts that you don’t want to talk to.
  • With this mod app, you can now secure all your messages and personal documents. It provides users with pin locks and end-to-encrypted features to keep personal information safe for the rest of their lives.
  • Increase your word on a status story. Now be creative and expressive while sharing the status story through words.
  • Now, after accidentally sending a message, you don’t have to bite your nail because this cool feature allows the user to rectify the message smoothly. So, to correct your mistake you will still get minimum time on this mod app.
  • Remove the forwarded message tag label smoothly and use those messages as your original one without letting anyone know.
  • You can now back up your important data weekly, monthly, or daily to keep it secure.
  • If a specific contact irritates you, block them more strongly than ever.

How To Create A Poll On NB WhatsApp

To create a poll on, follow the below step-by-step process.

  1. To start, download NB WhatsApp APK and open the app on your phone.
  2. After that, open the chat window.
  3. Now, tap the “Paper Clip Icon” in line with the text box. Then pick Poll from the list option.
  4. Next, write your question in the question field and add some answers in the option section.
  5. Then turn off the multiple answer toggle option and at the same time if you wish then it will leave a single option for responders.
  6. Finally, tap the Send icon at the bottom right of your Android screen.


NB WhatsApp APK will never make you feel bored, rather its exciting features will allure you to get back on this mod app frequently. Basically, by using this modified version you will bring changes to your communication pattern.

So, embrace the new revolutionary mod app to enhance the messaging experience.

NB WhatsApp
NB WhatsApp

98.25 MB

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