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Description of Koloro

Koloro APK is a stunning photo editor app. Here you will find several filter choices, layering options, and a multitude of other things on this application with ease. On top of that, it's easy to use and doesn’t show any irritating ads. Plus, it allows users to import presets into Lightroom effortlessly.

In the latest Koloro app, you will get many free filters and a lot of overlay options. The best part is that this app provides almost all the photo editing tools you need, even some basic color grading options. It tries to cover almost all the necessary scenarios to take photo editing to new heights.

However, to unlock all features you may need to subscribe to its premium version, only then will you be able to use so many cool presets smoothly. Still, without a subscription, you can use its numerous filters, and simultaneously, you can control the brightness and color of the image efficiently.

This Koloro application is an absolutely good app for color correction of photos and videos.

All in all, it is full of cinematic and top-filter color apps.

Features Of Koloro Application

This application is full of dope. The filter it provides for users is the next level. Here you will find lots of useful features for free. The filter selection is vast and easy to apply to get good results. However, the editing is simple but powerful and non-destructive.

Check out its outstanding features below. 

  • Get 1000+ presets for the lightroom.
  • Imports presets into lightroom.
  • Enjoy motion blurs and cinematic scenes.
  • Photo Retouching removes objects.
  • Create and share recipes.
  • Get an advanced editing tool.
  • Adjust perspective.
  • Obtain indie kid trendy presets.
  • Create custom presets.
  • Access the useful darkroom and your library.
  • Freely crop and add borders to the selected content.

How To Use Lightroom Presets In Koloro

To use Lightroom presets in the application, follow the method below.

Method 1: To use Lightroom presets download Koloro APK and install it on your smart device.

Method 2: After wrapping up the installation process, open the app on your smart device.

Method 3: Next, with the photo selected, tap on the edit icon.

Method 4: Now, tap on presets at the bottom of the column of editing panels to open the presets panel.

Method 5: Afterwards, tap on the category title in the presets panel to access the presets in the category.

Method 6: Lastly, hover over the preset without clicking to check to preview how a preset will look.


Koloro APK is a game-changer app for editing fields.

The presets are amazing and provide numerous filters for free. In addition, this app is really helpful for pictures that do not have good brightness or have not good place. Overall, it is filled with amazing effects to make your photos look clean and gorgeous.


60.86 MB

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