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Description of ZOOM Cloud Meetings

ZOOM Cloud Meetings app is a superb video-conferencing service for Android users. It covers audio & video discussion, screen share, live chats, and records the session to watch in the future. It is an amazing free app for smartphone users.

This video communications application allows you to interact virtually. People choose Zoom app for its user-friendly and simple interface. A poor tech knowledge people can handle it after installing it on their Android device.

The amusing matter is that ZOOM Cloud Meetings has daily about 300 million users. It is the most popular communicating platform all over the globe. It got very highlighted during the pandemic of Covid-19. This is because in all countries people are confined in the house.

There is no option to go out as lockdown goes on. People need to communicate for their personal, jobs, business, education, and university classes. So, in the pandemic time, the number of users increase hugely.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings application is a very established platform. Its technical team considers everything very carefully. It keeps in mind the user's safety and security issues seriously. So, it is assumed that this app is 100% safe and secure to use. As yet, very few technical and legal issues are found. Legal issues are resolved before it jumped into operation.

Useful Features and functions:

ZOOM Cloud Meetings is distinctive for its unique features. There are hundreds of similar communicating apps all over the world. But Zoom spotlights on its users' mind because of great functions. Here, some features are given below.

  • Small, medium and large size team can engage in the video conference
  • Interact and create social relation
  • Best video conferencing
  • Inbuilt webcam
  • One meeting and group conferencing
  • Zoom free and pro options
  • A host can control the meeting – allowing to talk, mute or unmute
  • Support 30 days free Zoom rooms
  • No buffering and good quality video conferencing
  • Easy to install

In a nutshell, the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app is a perfect quality app in the present time that finds from the millions of users reviews. Day by day people is getting attracted to the Zoom application.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

117 MB

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