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Description of Hero Wars

Hero Wars APK is an excellent online video game for Android users. It is one of the most popular Role Playing games (RPG) worldwide. In this game, players need to control a group of heroes that helps to avoid a possible apocalypse provoked by hundreds of creatures.

The Hero Wars game is released in 2016 by Nexters.

At present, it is one of the most popular games all over the globe. As a result, game enthusiasts download and install it frequently to enjoy their free time. The game has 3D graphics, the best transition, and effects. So, it helps to get rid of boredom.

Skills of Hero Wars

  • White that unlocks from the starting
  • Green that unlocks with promotion rank green
  • Blue that unlocks with promotion rank Blue
  • Violet that unlocks with promotion rank Violet

Heros use the skills automatically by default. White is the basic attack that uses as a skill to activate collected energy in the Battle. The other skills are used as active components. Heros have different rules in the group or team that keep more than one role.

Presently, 7 roles are found that are mentioned below to get a brief idea.

  • Tank - aim to fight from the front line. Absorbing the damage to safeguard other heroes in the team
  • Warrior - tackling melee damage to the opponent team
  • Marksman - use a range of projectiles to deal the opponent's team damage
  • Support - supporting the players by providing different protective skills i.e. removing debuffs, shields, barriers, etc.
  • Control - control the units of the team. Using various skills such as paralyzing, putting to sleep, stunning, pulling enemies, silencing,
  • Mage - using magic attacks on the opponent group
  • Healer – in the player's group, heal the other heroes

In the latest Hero Wars game, all heroes are divided into different factions. Every faction performs together to enhance its skills. Now, there are 6 factions in the game to use.

  • Way  of eternity
  • Way of honor
  • Way of mystery
  • Way of Nature
  • Way of  Progress
  • Way of Chaos

The limited number of heroes is special such as Blessed, Engineer, Grove Keeper, and Undead. You can unlock new heroes frequently to continue your adventure. In every level and battle, you receive the reward such as coins, gems, and other materials.

You can invest these rewards to improve the heroes.

Some heroes and its role are stated below,

  • Chabba who controls Tank 
  • Astaroth who gives Tank support
  • Tristan performs as a warrior
  • Markus supports as a healer
  • Krista keeping her role as Mage

Game lovers find a huge number of characters who keep similar roles to sustain the game.

The interesting matter is that if you download Hero Wars APK and install the latest version, you need not pay. So, don’t get concerned about the financial issues. If you play the game, you never get bored. It is one of the most entertaining games in contemporary times.

So, without feeling hesitation, you can play the game.

Hero Wars

98.09 MB

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