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GTA Vice City

Rockstar Games

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Description of GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City is an exciting action-adventure video game. It is the fourth part of the 7 part series game published in 2002. But the enhanced version was released for android mobile phone in 2012. It is the greatest video game ever.

This game received several awards and get accolades from 2002. It sold 17.5 million copies in the Publishing year. Still, the GTA Vice City game is an interesting game for game lovers. The gamer jump, run or drive vehicles to navigate the game world.

Players are allowed to use different kinds of weapons to carry on the game. Players can buy weapons from firearms dealers, collect from dead enemies, and be found around the city.

The Grand Theft Auto Vice City game story centers on a criminal or mobster Tommy Vercetti who gets released from prison after 15 years of jail for convicted of murder. He slowly builds an empire seizing the power from the other criminal organizations of the city.

Tommy Vercetti leads the drug deal of the Vice city. He demolished the opponent criminals of the city to take full control of the drug business. The game plot is designed for multiple real-world people and events in Miami such as Haitians, Cubans, and Biker Gangs.


Features that make the game remarkable to game lovers,

  • Magnificent graphics, character models, and lighting effects
  • Tailored firing and targeting option
  • Fully controls with customizable layout
  • Language support: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Japanese
  • Immersion tactile effects

Above all, GTA Vice City game is a stunning game to play. Every layer of the game thrilled you.

GTA Vice City
Rockstar Games

903.1 MB

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