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Description of Street Fighter

Street Fighter APK is one of the most powerful classic fighter games for the Android platform that is also very popular around the entire world. In this game, you have to fight your opponent by controlling your character and win the match against the opponent.

It offers different types of moves that you can use to defeat your opponents and game modes from which you can choose your preferred mode to start playing. The latest Street Fighter offers simple and user-friendly gameplay that is created by using both 2D and 3D graphics.

This enables users to easily understand and play it without putting in a lot of effort.

Moreover, it offers a large number of powerful characters that include Ryu from Japan, Ken from the USA, Chun-Li from China, Blanka from Brazil, Honda from Japan, Dhalsim from India, Vega from Spain, etc. This game is full of action, punches, kicks, and combos.

Features of Street Fighter Game

  • Players will get six buttons for each character that they can use to perform different attacks. From those buttons, they will get three punch buttons and three kick buttons. They will get directional, and button presses for performing special moves
  • Players will get multiple combos that they can use to make huge damage to the opponent. Also, they will get a counterattack option by which they can give punishment to the opponent for attacking
  • It offers combats where players can use their wrestling skills to fight with the opponent and escape combos or get the opponent into a disadvantageous position
  • Street Fighter Latest version offers super moves that are known as powerful moves which are performed by spending a special meter and used to turn the tide of a match. Also, it provides ultra moves so that players can finish off an opponent or turn a losing match around within a short time period
  • This game offers multiple modes including story mode, versus mode, team battle mode, and training mode. By using these modes, players can take control of their favorite characters, fight against each other in a one-on-one match, create teams of characters and fight against other teams, practice their combos, and learn the moves of their favorite characters
  • Players can also fight against others online by enabling the online multiplayer mode

How To Play Street Fighter Game

  1. First of all, click on the download button from the game page of this website to download Street Fighter APK for free. As soon as the download is completed, it will initiate an automatic installation.
  2. When the installation has been completed, you have to go back to the main page of your device and click on the game icon to launch it.
  3. After launching it, you will find some options such as select, start, sound icon, control panel, punch buttons, and kick buttons.
  4. While you are fighting, click on the three punch buttons to perform light, medium, and heavy punches.
  5. To perform different types of kicks including light, medium, and heavy, click on the kick buttons.
  6. To play in the training mode, click on the modes option, select the training mode, and start playing.
  7. To perform the blocking, hold back on the joystick, and to perform the dashing, you have to press forward twice.
  8. If you need to jump while fighting, click on the up option and if you need to lay down, click on the down icon from the screen.
  9. By clicking on the select option, you can select the characters as per your preferences.
  10. From the settings option, you can change and customize the other features such as notification settings, update option, share it with others, rate the game, and give feedback.


Street Fighter APK is a widely played classic fighter game among Android users around the entire world. This game offers a very smooth and easy control panel that players will get on the main game pageant. This control panel gives a very smooth gaming experience.

Besides, you can download and play this game on your Android device for free if you download it from this website. Also, there is nothing to worry about your privacy and security as it doesn’t collect and share any of your personal information. This is the most promising game for any type of user.

Street Fighter

20.44 MB

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