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Description of Google Maps Go

Google Maps Go APK is a lighter version of the original Google Map.

It is a lightweight, fast, and progressive web app. Google Maps Go app allows to see the location, and get directions to places via bus, train, and car, by walking. It permits the users to include filters to the map to look at satellite imagery, public transport, and an overlay of the current traffic.

This app works like the original Maps.

It offers you a search option to search and find a place in the world. It has a toolbar to run a quick direction search that helps to get your route. Google Maps Go application also gives you a tailored map from current location’s updated real-time information about transport and traffic condition.

Google Maps Go latest version gives you information about businesses, restaurants, government buildings, and monuments of any city. You also find the office open and close time. Besides, it shows the holiday and special occasions off day.

In addition, you get contact information, address, email, web address, and many more. Moreover, you get public transportation schedule, bus stations number, bust stoppages nearby, and so on. The interesting matter is that it is a lightweight app for Android users.

It occupies low space and data from your phone. So, it is less burdened for your device. So, you do not lose the navigational speed of Android. Besides, Google Maps Go app is 100% free. you do not need to pay a single penny from your pocket. So, don’t get worried about the financial issues.

Google Maps Go is safe, secure, and legal as it is a Google product. You do not find any harmful elements that affect your device seriously. This application upgrades regularly to remove unnecessary bugs, malware, and viruses. Besides, it is a secure app completely.

If you install the app you do not lose the private data and information that you preserved on your device. Moreover, it is a legal app. No illegal issues is found yet. So, you do not get concerned about safety, security, and legality.

Key Features of Google Maps Go

  • Shortcut than the web version
  • Occupies less space, data, and time
  • Use to see satellite imagery, public transport
  • Getting overlay of the current traffic
  • Use online and offline
  • Identify real-time location
  • Share real-time location
  • Measure the distance
  • Direction with route preview step by step
  • Giving faster route information
  • Available support in 70 languages
  • Working in about 200 countries in the world
  • Finding customers reviews of different business houses

In a nutshell, Google Maps Go APK is a perfectly useful application for travelers and tourists who need to identify the different locations in the world. So, it creates a great appeal to the users. As a result, millions of people depend on it to search their locations and places all over the globe.

Overall, it gives you a smooth experience to locate your places virtually.

Google Maps Go
Google LLC

0.77 MB

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