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Geometry Dash

RobTop Games

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Description of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is an amazing video game. It is a rhythm-based platforming game that has now 21 levels.

Players created more than 67 million online levels still now. Players control the movement of an icon and navigate music-based levels. Game rhythm is all about the jump, fly, and flip. To play it, dangerous passages and spiky obstacles have to pass over.

Gameplay: Players utilize the Geometry Dash game function to manage the movement of the icon. To jump, players need to press the screen on the touch screen of the android, hitting the spacebar or up arrow. Players can hold down jump to interact with certain vehicles.

The Geometry Dash game aims to complete one level reaching the end. If players crash into the obstacle, the game starts again from the beginning. It is very required to match with speed, rhythm, and timing to overcome the dangerous passages and reach the end of the game.

People want to identify the best entertainment item in their hand to pass their free time. Nowadays, Android game brings a full of entertainment for you. Geometry Dash is one of the best entertainment Android games all over the world.


Special Features of the game,

  • A rhythm-based action platforming game
  • Unique sounds track
  • Extensive level creation system
  • Players create custom courses, share them online, and course design
  • Using level editor, build and share your level
  • High-quality thousands of users generated levels
  • Using Practice mode option  to improve your gaming skill
  • Unlock new icons and colors to customize your characters
  •  Five video game series
  • Game currency such as stars, orbs, and diamonds that created and obtained by users levels
  • Playing with touchscreen
  • Seven different vehicles that behave differently each interaction

Above all, Geometry Dash game simple one-touch game playing with many levels that contain your entertainment for hours.

Geometry Dash
RobTop Games

68.82 MB

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