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Description of Colornote

Do you search for an effective virtual note-taking app?

If yes, you can choose the Colornote APK for your device. It is an amazing and simple notepad app for Android users. You can write and edit notes easily by using this application. It also helps you to create memos, emails, messages, to-do lists, shopping lists, and so on.

Colornote app is 100% safe, secure, and legal for your Android. It does not contain any harmful element or component that affect your device. This is because this app updates and upgrades regularly to remove unwanted elements such as malware, bloatware, viruses, bugs, and threats.

It is a secure platform. If you download and install the app there is no possibility to lose your device information as it has a great privacy policy to protect your data and information. Moreover, Colornote application is legal. It followed all international rules and regulations before coming to the market.

Still, there is no record found yet that it entangles in any kind of illegal activity. So, you do not feel alarmed about safety, security, and legality.

Key Features of Colornote

There are several similar applications in the field. Among all, Colornote app is the best for its several unique features. So, let’s see below.

  • Choose different colors to make notes. So, it is possible to identify which one uses for what
  • Keep your notes private by using password protection
  • Add audio and visual alerts with the notes to keep informed different day and hour
  • Possible to give a title and name whenever you write the note. If you want to rename the title and Name of your note you can do it easily
  • 2 basic note-taking formats – line paper style text and checklist option
  • Use traditional ascending order and list & grid view format
  • Save, share and set a reminder
  • Delete notes whenever you do not need the notes
  • Having drag button to move one text and image from one place to another of the note 
  • Create note schedule by calendar
  • Create a backup on SD storage
  • Set time alarm of the note
  • Write a journal and diary in calendar

How Do You Add A Picture To Your Note

It is very simple and easy. Let’s see the below steps.

  • Tap on the note a few seconds
  • Now at the bottom left side, you can tap the Add option
  • After that, you pick your necessary picture from the library by clicking on choose Images
  • After finishing the step you can tap back

The interesting matter is that this app is 100% free. If you install the app it does not incur any cost or charge for you. So, you do not get worried about financial and economic issues. Besides, it is a very lightweight app. If you install it doesn't get burdened for your device.

So you do not lose the device's navigational and operational speed. In a nutshell, Colornote APK is a handy platform to take your note digitally. Everything gets preserved whatever you do on the notepad. So, you can install the app and use it for your convenience.


3.84 MB

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