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Among Us

Innersloth LLC

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Description of Among Us

Among Us is an amazing game for android users. It is also a developer and publisher. This game is very popular as it achieved a large number of followers online. There are millions of games in the game market among all “Among Us” is the best for its best gameplay.

It is very secured and safe for android users. The interesting matter is that they can play this Among Us game without a single penny. Another thing, this game follows all international procedures to set up the game. So, you can enjoy the game without hassle.

Useful Features and Functions of the game:

  • Multiplayer game – 4 to 10 players. Each round 3 to 4 players
  • A round can finish one of the 4 maps
  • Here spaceship called Skeld, headquarters –MIRA HQ, Planet Base - Polus
  • Cross-platform play
  • Genres – Party and Social Deduction
  • Space-themed setting
  • Players are imposters – take on one or two roles
  • Goal – identify the imposters and eliminate them
  • Imposters goal is to create secretly sabotage and kill crewmates
  • Maps were added to the game
  • Complete the task around the map
  • Crewmates win if all Imposters are eliminated or all tasks are completed. However, Imposters win if there is an equal number of Imposters and crewmates.

Gameplay: At the beginning of the Among Us game, Crewmates are designated or assign tasks to accomplish around the map in the form of mini-games. Imposters are provided a fake list of tasks to mix with Crewmates. Imposters damage the vital system and secretly go to the vents and plan with other Imposters to kill Crewmates.

If the player dies they get ghost. Ghost can pass through the walls and see other players and chat with the fellow ghost. Living players have the limited “Cone of Vision” however Ghosts do not have such limitations. Ghost helps their living teammates by finishing their tasks. The imposter wins when they kill enough crewmates.

In a brief, Among Us game is an adventure game. You find thrill in every round of the game. So, it is a very enjoyable game overall.

Among Us
Innersloth LLC

658 MB

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