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Description of Zapya

You can now download Zapya APK from here for your mobile.

It is a fantastic and perfect solution for file transfer for Android smartphone users. It is mainly a peer-to-peer file-sharing tool. This Zapya tool was designed by Cuban youngsters and teenagers when they found internet restrictions.

You don't need cable and internet connection to share files, documents, presentations, PDF, images, music, audio, and videos. It also helps to share files between multiple devices simultaneously. Zapya app gains popularity in those areas where internet connection is poor or not available.

Zapya application is the quickest tool to transfer all kinds of files although it is a new application in this field. It is 200x faster than Bluetooth. The amazing thing is that you don’t require payment to purchase the functions for your devices. It is 100% free for its users.

This is a lightweight application for Android users. It does not occupy huge storage from your device’s memory. So, it never spoils your mobile operational and navigational speed. You don’t get concerned about safety and security. The latest Zapya app is a 100% safe and secure tool for phone users.

It does not carry any harmful elements such as viruses, malware that damage your devices. Besides, this application updates on a regular basis to clean and fix dangerous bugs. As a result, you find a quick and fast service to carry out your file share.

In addition, it is a completely legitimate tool to use. Zapya APK followed all legal rules and regulations to design and run. Still, it doesn't engage in any sort of illegal activity that makes you worried about installing and using it.

Features of Zapya,

  • File transfer speed is about 10 MBs
  • Not consume your internet data
  • 4 devices can be connected to transfer files and documents
  • Create a hotspot to connect friends
  • Very beautiful and user-friendly interface
  • Share any size and format files
  • Up to 260 photos can transfer in a minute i.e., about 5 megabytes per seconds
  • Support high-end and low-end mobile set
  • available in various languages such as English, Chinese, Burmese, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korea, Turkish, Malayalam, Malay, Telugu, Urdu, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Italian, Tamil, Russian, Persian, Vietnamese, and so on.
  • Shake to connect other devices
  • Create a group and invite others to join the community

In short, Zapya APK is an excellent application to share files easily and quickly without requiring internet and wire or cable connection.

Dewmobile, Inc.

22.55 MB

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