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Description of z4root

Z4root APK is a rooting app for Android that users can use to gain root-level access to the file system of their devices by rooting their Android devices. By using it, users can root devices with just a single click. It allows users to free up their device’s memory by removing unnecessary things.

Also, it boosts the speed of their devices.

The latest z4root app allows users to give their opinion on rooting their devices.

They can either temporarily root their devices or permanently root their devices. They can even unroot the devices as well they want to do so. Besides, this application doesn’t require any kind of login or registration activities and so it is very easy to use for anyone.

Features of z4root Application

  • Users will get full access to the Android administration functions of their devices, and they can temporarily root, permanently root, or unroot their devices at anytime and anywhere
  • It can root almost all types of Android devices whether you have an older version or a newer version of Android
  • It can install both compatible and incompatible applications and improve the battery life and speed of your device
  • Z4root latest version can block or remove advertisements from the interface of your Android device so that you can use it without facing any kind of interruptions or disturbance
  • The app can back up and restore your device to the default so that you don’t have to worry about losing your data and necessary information
  • Users can easily uninstall the crapware and bloatware from their devices as these are not useful for you
  • Users are also allowed to remove the Stock Android Skins to make their devices refined by removing design tweaks and pre-installed bloatware applications. By doing this, their device will be lighter, and faster, and will give the best experience
  • This app lets users enjoy the hidden features and provides a free wireless tethering option

How To Download and Use z4root App

  1. Download z4root APK from this website.
  2. And before installing the app, you have to enable the allow installation from the unknown source option to unlock the third-party restrictions on the installation.
  3. To enable the option, go to your device’s Settings > Apps & Notifications > Advanced or Three-dot icon at the top right corner > Special App Access > Select Install Unknown Apps > Select z4root application.
  4. After selecting the app, toggle the turn-on option to enable the option for this application.
  5. Now, go back to your device’s downloads folder and click on the app. It will show you two options including Install and Cancel. Click on the install option and it will start installing.
  6. Once the installation has been completed, it will be displayed on your home screen. Click on that icon from there to open it.
  7. After opening it, you will get three options including Temporary Root, Permanent Root, and Un-root. Click on any of the first two options according to your preferences. It will take some time to root your device.
  8. When the rooting is fully completed, you will get access to the device’s administration functions and enjoy all the amazing features and functions.


z4root APK is a feature-rich rooting app that has achieved a lot of popularity from its very first release.

It is also completely safe to use as it doesn’t gather and share any of the user’s personal and confidential data with third parties. Besides, it doesn’t create interruption for the users as it is a completely ad-free application, and it can block advertisements as well.

If you want to root your Android, you must give it a try.


2.15 MB

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