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Description of Xender

Xender app is a leading app that allows you to transfer and receive files like photos, music, contacts, videos, and Apps in a very convenient manner. You can transfer different types and sizes of files between android phones through the platform. To transfer the files, you do not need to have cable and internet connections. So, Xender application is amazing for android users.

It is a great boon for Android users as it is 100% free for them. All kinds of personal and official large documents can be transferred through the application.

Xender is completely secure for its users. It does not have any kind of malicious threat that affects your device. Moreover, this platform carried out all legal activities to establish. So, without any hesitation, you can take advantage of the app. Day by day Xender’s appeal is increasing remarkably.

There are several hundred similar functions apps in the market. But, Xender app is the best in this field for its wonderful feature for android mobile phone users. Some useful features are mentioned below to get a general idea of the app.

Useful Features and Functions:

  • Having good reviews and high rating point
  • Transfer large files
  • 200 time faster than Bluetooth
  • Play all videos and music after receiving as it has a built-in player to play music and videos
  • Update regularly to get rid of different types of bug
  • 700 million active users all over the world. Particularly, 170 million in India
  • More than 30 languages of different countries
  • Save videos from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on
  • User-friendly interface that any poor tech-savvy people can use the app very efficiently
  • Lightweight app as a result lower space occupies of your mobile memory
  • Support all file formats

In a nutshell, Xender app is very remarkable to the uses for its highest quality standard and user experience. For this reason, the growth rate is very fast for the past few months.

Xender File Sharing Team

28.05 MB

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