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WO Mic

Wolicheng Tech

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Description of WO Mic

WO Mic APK is an excellent application that turns your Android phone into a microphone. You can use devices as a mic to record your voice. It is so easy that you do not need to use cables and face so many options. You can use the app as an alternative microphone for your Android devices.

There is no need to buy an external microphone to set with your devices. People love it as it is easy to configure. You can connect the app one time. There is no need to reconnect. Overall, WO Mic app transmits the audios like the original microphone.

You use Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB for connecting the app. If you lose a USB cable there is no problem. Presently, it is a very effective and efficient solution for android users. WO Mic application is a 100% free for Android smartphone users. You need not use a credit card to pay a single penny.

So, do not feel worried about the financial matter.

The latest WO Mic is a safe, secure, and legal application for users. It does not contain any unnecessary and unwanted elements such as viruses, malware, or threats that affect and fall at risk your device. In addition, it updates always to remove the bugs.

As a result, your device never gets attacked with bugs or bloatware.

So, you navigate and run your device quickly and smoothly. Moreover, WO Mic latest version is 100% legal and legitimate for you. You do not need to tackle any problem and hassle any time. It followed all international rules and regulations. Still, this app breaches any legal rules and procedures.

So don’t get worried, you just download and install for your convenience.

Important Features of WO Mic

  • Having the very good sound quality of the WO Mic
  • Include specific sound parameters for voice recognition, calls, microphone use, video call, audio recording,
  • Wireless microphone
  • Turn the volume up and down of the Mic like a real microphone
  • Allow users to start and stop the WO Mic like a real microphone
  • Manually, changing control port
  • Receive voice data and passes them to the virtual mic device
  • Remote voice control, recording and talking
  • Record things transmit to different devices

In a nutshell, WO Mic APK is a very useful application for Android mobile phone users. You use this app as a real-time microphone. So, there is no option to feel doubt about the app.

WO Mic
Wolicheng Tech

4.38 MB

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