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Description of WhatsApp Dark

WhatsApp Dark APK is an instant messaging app that offers a beautiful dark mode and lets you use two WhatsApp accounts together at the same time. This application helps users to connect with their friends and family members from all over the world by making audio and video calls along with text messaging.

The latest WhatsApp Dark app also allows users to send voice messages and share different types of files including images, videos, MS Word documents, PDF files, etc. Besides, they have full authority to customize its interface according to their preferences.

Features of WhatsApp Dark Application

  • The main feature of this application is the dark mode which creates a convenient and eye-soothing interface for users
  • It can hide the Blue Tick option by which users can know if the receivers have seen their message or not and also they can restrict the receivers to know if they have seen their messages or not
  • It allows you to hide your last seen from the other users whereas you can see the last seen time of other users
  • WhatsApp Dark latest version has an Auto reply feature by which it can automatically reply to other’s messages if you are not online
  • There is no possibility of banning this app as it includes an Anti-ban option which means that your information and data are completely safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about losing your personal and confidential data
  • Users are allowed to see and reply to those messages which are deleted by the sender or receiver intentionally or unintentionally by enabling the Anti-revoke message option
  • This app lets users maintain two different accounts at the same time
  • It is a very lightweight and minimalistic app that occupies very lower space and kills low battery charge
  • This app offers a wide collection of multiple wallpapers by which users can personalize the background as per their preferences

How To Download WhatsApp Dark App

  1. To download WhatsApp Dark APK from this website, first, click on the download button given both above and below on the app page. This will start downloading it.
  2. As you have completed downloading the application, go to your device’s Settings option to enable the allow installation from the unknown source option.
  3. Then click on Apps & Notifications > Three-dot icon > Special App Access > Select WhatsApp Dark app > toggle the Turn On button.
  4. Once you have done this process, go back to your device’s file manager and click on the Downloads folder. From here, click on the WhatsApp Dark application and you can see two options including Install and Cancel. Click on the Install button and it will start installing.
  5. After completing the installation, go back to the home screen of your device and click on the app icon to open it.
  6. Adjust the date as per your preferred location and proceed further.
  7. Now, you can start chatting with your friends, and family members, or invite your friends who are not users of this application.


WhatsApp Dark APK is a feature-rich instant messaging app that offers a lot of unique features that are not available in the original WhatsApp application, for example, hiding blue tick, and last seen, anti-revoke messages, keeping two accounts together, etc.

In addition to that it protects the privacy of its users and ensures the security of their personal information. It is the best-suited app for all types of Android users who have older versions of Android and want to get a privacy-focused instant messaging app.

WhatsApp Dark

38.79 MB

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