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Description of Vold Speed

Vold Speed APK is a feature-rich virtual network service app for the Android platform that offers the most secure and stable internet connection. It is a completely free app that has a very attractive and user-friendly interface that helps users to use it smoothly and check their connection speed very easily.

The latest Vold Speed app allows you to browse different websites in the most secure way with just one single tap on your device’s home screen. It also provides unlimited bandwidth so that you can browse relentlessly all day long.

Features of Vold Speed Application

  • This app offers the fastest, most secure, and most stable virtual private network connections to the users
  • It provides high-speed bandwidth without any limitation by which users can browse without any interruption and buffering
  • There is no need for any kind of registration and configuration in terms of opening it to connect to the virtual private network
  • Vold Speed latest version application offers four types of protocol systems that include Automatic, IKEV2, Open VPN(UDP), and Open VPN(TCP)
  • Users can choose the fastest servers according to their preferences
  • It doesn't collect or share any of the user's information to protect their privacy and security
  • This app is compatible with all mobile data carriers so that users don’t need to change their data connection

How To Use Vold Speed Application

  1. First, click on the download button from this website to download Vold Speed APK on Android.
  2. Then, install the app and open it by clicking its icon from your device’s home screen.
  3. After opening it, you have to click on the Agree button to accept the privacy policy and proceed further.
  4. Next, you can see a power button at the center of your screen. Click on it to connect with the server. This will initiate the connection.
  5. On the above connect button, you will get a box from where you can change the country for your preferred server.
  6. There are four protocol systems in this app for you to choose any of your favorite protocols. The given protocols are Auto, IKEV2, Open VPN(UDP), and Open VPN(TCP). You can choose any one of these four options by clicking them one by one.
  7. At the top right corner, you can see a sandwich icon. Click on that icon and you will get the other features including Rate Our App, Share with Friends, About Us, and Q/A.
  8. If you want to rate the app, click on the Rate our App option.
  9. To share it with your friends, or family members, click on the Share with Friends options. You can share it through the nearby shares option.
  10. From the About Us option, you can see the privacy policy, and check the updates.
  11. If you have any questions regarding this app, click on the Q/A option to get four questions and the solutions.


Vold Speed APK is one of the most popular and widely used virtual private network apps for Android users because of its highly protective network services. It doesn’t collect and share its user’s information with third parties. It is the best VPN service app for anyone with just an Android device.

Vold Speed

17.06 MB

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