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Description of Tweencraft

Tweencraft APK is a fabulous app for creating animation videos.

There are enough assets to work with as well.

Unlike any other animation app, you don’t need to draw any character from scratch, this one is so handy. With it, create and present your thoughts simply. In the same manner, change the background, and character outfit, and add some dramatic sounds to make the animation video more interesting.

In the latest Tweencraft app, make your first animated video on your regular smart device with ease.

If you have no skill in drawing, don’t worry, you can still create a top-notch cartoon video with this application. All you need is a story, idea, and joke then record your dialogue, and choose the character and background as per your choice that’s it. The rest of the work will be on the animated video creator app.

It will automatically give you the best possible output within a minute.

You can subscribe to its premium version to unlock more characters and backgrounds. Everything is working fine as expected. Simply a way to be creative, this Tweencraft application can play a vital role. Basically, to create animation videos now you don’t need to learn drawing and animation.

Feature Of Tweencraft Application

It is a great 2D animation application. Using its remarkable features, you can easily create a cartoon video on your Android device with ease. You just have to select characters, record dialogue, and animate using your finger-touch movements. Check out its creative features below.

  • Create unique, beautiful, custom characters.
  • Explore gesture-based fluid body movements for easy animation.
  • Share your stories with the funniest collection of cartoon characters.
  • Create the perfect setting with cool backgrounds.
  • Reveal true emotions with so many expressions.
  • Create dramatic effects with audio and sound effects.
  • Experience the best user-friendly interface.
  • Create beautiful cartoon videos.
  • Fluid body part movement.
  • Modify expressions based on your preference.
  • Record dialogue and change your voice.
  • Import images / GIFS.
  • Export videos and share them on social media.
  • Change background.

How To Make Animation Video On Tweencraft

Without any knowledge of drawing or animation, create an interesting 2D cartoon video. To create an animated video, follow the procedure below.

  1. To make animated videos with ease download Tweencraft APK and install it on your smart device.
  2. After completing the installation, open the app on your smart device.
  3. Now, at the bottom, tap on the library.
  4. After that, under “Create New” choose animation.
  5. Select a premade character, story, joke, idea, and background, or customize it as per your choice.
  6. Record your dialogue to make your voice cartoonish.
  7. Lastly, at the top right, tap on Create.
  8. Done. This will automatically generate the final output.


Tweencraft APK is a magnificent platform for creating animation videos with ease.

It doesn’t require any additional knowledge of drawing or animation. It allows users to create animated movies effortlessly. Overall, it's user-friendly and has all the additional functions to create cartoon videos smoothly on your smart device.


98.31 MB

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