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Description of Swiggy

Do you want to order delicious food from your favorite restaurant?

If yes, you can follow the best delivery app named Swiggy APK. It is an amazing online food ordering and delivery platform in India. It started its journey in July 2014 from the city of Bangalore. Its founders are Sriharsha Majety (CEO), Rahul Bothra (CFO), and Dale Baz (CTO).

Now, it runs its operation in about 500 cities and towns of India. In the very beginning, Swiggy develop a delivery network for logistics that grew very fast in the market. Swiggy app has an on-demand delivery system under the name Instamart. Instamart delivers within a short time whatever you order.

Besides, it supports shipping & courier services. The latest Swiggy application launched an instant pick and drop service for the customers under Instamart. This app includes a diverse array of items in its delivery system such as laundry, documents, parcels, and so on.

It is very active and popular all over India. In real-time, about half a million people are active in the app. Daily 1.5 million orders are implemented by this app. Per-minute this app delivers 4000 orders. Mumbai and Bangalore are the main points of order.

A huge number of orders are generated from these cities. Average 1.59 million and 1.45 million orders are originated from these cities respectively. During the lockdown in the pandemic of the corona, the number of delivery dropped remarkably.

But, Swiggy app revives its business when corona spreading reduced.

Key Features of Swiggy Delivery

  • Oder food, groceries, and other essential items
  • No restriction of order value whatever you want you can order
  • Live order tracking. You know where is your order i.e. in process, on the way
  • Delivery is quick. So, you get good quality and fresh food
  • Best customer care who reply and responds very quickly to answer the customer queries
  • Having 2.1 lakh delivery partners
  • Having available 140000 restaurants. So, you can choose your favorite one and its items
  • Having a well-organized menu to select your favorite food
  • Late-night delivery system
  • Maintain the best safety standards, healthiness, and hygiene. Frequently taking measures to improve sanitization
  • Included popular restaurants such as Mc Donald, Dominos, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Fresh Menu, Faasos, Taco Bell, Café Coffee Day, Subway, and many more
  • Including top cuisine and categories i.e. South & North Indian, American, Thai, Vietnamese, and so many
  • Offering discount, cashback, free items, and so on
  • Flexible payment systems such as cash on delivery, credit & debit card, e-wallets, online, and so many options
  • Order different items such as Masala Dosa, Pizza, Lassi, Burger, biriyani, coffee, and so many items

The interesting matter is that Swiggy application is 100% free to install. You do not need to pay or invest a single penny from your pocket to install the app. Besides, it is a lightweight app. It never gets burdened for your device. So, you do not lose the navigational speed of Android.

In a nutshell, the latest version of the Swiggy APK is a very effective online delivery system for food lovers in India. People depend on it 24/7 for its quality food and quick delivery. So, you can install it without thinking twice for your convenience.


59.21 MB

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