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Description of Squid

Do you want to take notes and mark up PDP?

If yes, you can download and install the Squid APK on your Android device. It is called the digital notebook. This is so handy tool that allows you to save your information and data for future use. You can write everything that you write on paper.

This Squid app is a virtual whiteboard to conduct classes, meetings, and conferences.

You can use Squid application to create notes, import images, draw shapes, add typed text, handwriting, move content, select, cut, copy or paste content on different pages. Users can choose a blank page to take notes with different backgrounds and colors.

Presently, teachers, trainers, and students conduct and attend online classes. So, they need to take note. In this case, Squid helps you massively. People can share their notes with other fellows. Users need not use paper if they install and use the app.

The amazing matter is that you find graph paper to practice algebra and geometry.

Key Features of Squid Application

  • Use for class, work, and fun
  • Creating handwriting notes by using active pen and pencil
  • Erase the writing by using your finger
  • Multiple paper types such as blank, rule, and graph
  • Crop, resize, duplicate, undo, redo, and annotate images
  • Several styles and templates
  • Making your favorite Chromebooks
  • Create customized pages for saving different things
  • Zoom in and zoom out to observe everything clearly 
  • Share the document with a friend by social media network and email
  • Create doc different format such as word or text, PDF, PNG, JPEG
  • Having a shortcut to create a note and open a notebook
  • Printing and archiving easily

Different functions and sections of the Squid tool such as,

  • Recent notes
  • Shared
  • All notes
  • Unfiled notes
  • Trash
  • Create New Note with the name
  • Import Squid Note
  • Import PDF
  • Note – Blank, college ruled, wide ruled, narrow-ruled, Cornell style, Cornell basic, Grid ( graph - 4sq and 4sq bold, 5 sq, 5 sq bold, 1mm bold, 5mm, 1cm, cross grid, and many more )
  • Default Note

The Squid app has a strong privacy policy. You do not lose your private or confidential data and information if you download and install it on your Android. It is completely a secure app for your device. Besides, it is 100% safe. It does not contain any unsafe element that harms your device.

This is because Squid upgrades regularly to get rid of unwanted malware, bugs, and viruses. Moreover, it is a legal app. There is no record found that Squid was linked with any illegal activity. So, you do not feel concerned about safety, security, and legality.

It does not get a burden for your device as it is a small size app. So, there is no difficulty with the speed of your device's operation. Besides, this app is totally free for Android users. You need not pay a single cent from your credit card.

In conclusion, the Squid APK helps to create an interactive notebook to complete homework and presentations. So, you can download the app for your convenience.

Steadfast Innovation, LLC

28.60 MB

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