Smash Colors

Badsnowball Limited

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Description of Smash Colors

Smash Colors APK is a very entertaining video game that has a very compatible design to play through your Android smartphone. You drag and move the ball from one side to another to avoid the hitting of the cycle.

Gameplay of Smash Colors

This game is full of fun and entertainment. You need to control a color ball where it is found the balls in constant movement. Game lovers need to stand the ball in the same color. But, accidentally, if the balls contain different colors the game must start again from the beginning.

You have to use your brain efficiently to perfect the color.

Using your finger, you can control the ball by sliding from side to side on the screen.

Movement follows the elements that you see in the path. You have to pass levels to advance the latest Smash Colors game. There is an option to adjust the rhythm and the speed as you need. You can increase and decrease the motion &  speed of the game.

Process of Playing The Game

  • Press to hold and drag the ball to place crash circles
  • Avoiding various colors
  • Don’t miss out on the circles
  • Follow the rhythms of challenges
  • Identify the perfect combos

Features of Smash Colors

  • The Control system is so simple
  • Variety of items and scenes to choose
  • Listen to music and keep rythme
  • Move and drag the finger to smash the circles
  • Eye-catchy 3D graphics, effects, transitions, and animations
  • Having dark color combined with striking neons
  • Supporting a good soundtrack
  • Balls change color and size during the run. So, keep up the rythme
  • The user interface is so simple. Poor tech-savvy people can play and enjoy easily

How To Play Smash Colors Game

  1. First of all, you need to understand the basic controls of the game.
  2. Hold the finger onto the home screen of the game.
  3. Now, drag the ball by tapping to the crash and smash it into the different circles.
  4. During the dragging time of the ball, you need to avoid all portions that are not the same color as your ball contain the color.
  5. Must be remain alert not to miss the circle portion that corresponds with the ball’s color.
  6. Finally, if the above process can manage, you can continue the game till the last.
  7. At last, hit combos and boost the score to get a high rank.

The APK version of the Smash Colors game is 100% free if you download and install it from this website. You need not pay a single penny from your credit card. So, don’t be worried about the financial issue. Besides, it is a light game comparatively as it occupies a small memory space from your device.

So, your device never loses operational speed. Smash Colors APK gives you a massively entertaining experience. You can pass an enjoyable time. As a result, you can get rid of boredom by playing the game. Now, you don’t have a delay to install the game.

Smash Colors
Badsnowball Limited

90.38 MB

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