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Sites in VR

Ercan Gigi

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Description of Sites in VR

Sites in VR APK allows touring virtual landmark from Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Kuwait, Macedonia, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, Yemen, and Space. It is truly virtual Goggles that just feel you visit different real places whatever you want.

You find thousands of 360-degree panoramic images from this application. You cannot avoid digital or virtual realities. Sites in VR application gives you a wonderful experience. You get it 100% free of cost. Thre is no investment you need to spend.

Besides, the latest Sites in VR app is a very light platform that does not get burdened on your Android device as it occupies the lower space and data from your memory or RAM. So, there is no chance to lose your navigational speed.

Key Features of Sites in VR

  • Use this app to set up your viewer for all other virtual reality apps
  • Having integrated QR code scanner
  • Correcting wrong screen size use
  • Possible to use the Google Cardboard and Google Daydream View. Other hardware requirements such as Gear viewers, VRIZZMO Revolt, DCSVR, Homido, Ant VR, Go4D C1 - Glass, Small Mojing, VR Fold, VR Box, Durovis, Dive 5, Baofeng Strom 2, ColorCross VR, Wearality Sky, Soyan/ Nibiru, and so on
  • Finding 360-degree panoramic high-quality images
  • Examines the attractive marvels of Islamic architecture
  • Visit the mosque, palace, tombs of sultans, inns, baths, museums, old houses, castles, towers, parks, natures, squares, ancient cities, religious sites
  • Climb up the Eiffel Tower, enter the Egyptian Pyramids,
  • Visit mars
  • No need gyroscope or compass
  • Trigger auto-calibration of the gyroscope sensor

How To Download Sites in VR App

  1. Firstly, download Sites in VR APK file. The condition is that  you need to have a Google Account.
  2. Download the Google Cardboard from any recognized App Store.
  3. Navigate your Library in the Google Cardboard application. Now, you see your download site in the VR App. after that, tap on the app to start running.
  4. Place your Android smartphone in the cardboard headset.
  5. At last, enjoy your tours in the various landmarks.

Sites in VR application is a completely safe and secure for Android phone. you do not find unwanted and unnecessary elements and components that harm your device. This is because it updates regularly to remove bugs, malware, and viruses. Besides, it is a 100% secure app.

If you install it, there is no chance to lose your confidential data and information that you preserved.

So, you do not feel worried about the safety and security issues. In addition, the Sites in VR app is a legitimate platform. It never entangled any sort of illegal activities that create a hassle for the users. following all international rules and regulations, it came to the market.

So, without thinking twice you can install it and enjoy its service. In a nutshell, the Sites in VR APK keeps a great contribution to the teaching and education sector. So, people frequently depend on it for their convenience. Now, you do not need to hesitate to download and install the app.

Sites in VR
Ercan Gigi

29.34 MB

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