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Description of Read Along

Read Along APK is an excellent education platform that allows learning a language. It is a very handy app for Android smartphone users. In previous time, this app was called Bolo. Users can use this application to improve their reading skills in English and Hindi.

This Read Along application encourages the language learners to read loudly by using the microphone.

In the Android market, the latest Read Along app came in 2019. Presently, for the language learner of Indian, it is very popular. People frequently choose it for their education purpose. Day by day, it is getting famous all over the world for its wonderful educational resources.

Whether you believe it or not, the app is 100% free for Android. You do not need to pay money from your e-wallet. So, you do not get worried about the financial and economic issues. You can start it with one click. Entire learning process, users find a personal assistant Diya.

You can get help from Diya to pronounce your word.

If you pronounce the word appropriately you will get a congratulation. This personal assistant helps you to get words' meaning and expression. Read Along app is a text to speech technology. If you finish the story, you find simple mini games to enjoy.

The mini games consists of words with a series of letters. Diya articulates the letters. You will put the letters to form words. Besides, in this Read Along app, you get the available fun exercise that must help your children to learn words associated with the story.

The amazing matter is that if you complete the exercise, you will get a reward. This application is designed and developed by Google for little girls and boys all over the planet. Children become the reading star by reading a variety of fun and engaging stories in different languages.

Now, you can use Read Along to learn Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Spanish, Portuguese, Bangla, and Urdu. If you practice 10 minutes through the app, you must inspire yourself. The amazing matter is that you can use this app offline.

You do not need to have an internet connection. As a result, you can operate the app standing anywhere anytime.

Key Features of Read Along

  • Language learners get the real-time feedback
  • Finding short stories in Hindi and English
  • The convenient platform that Improves the level of English and Hindi
  • Open several accounts of the app
  • Allow using 5 above children
  • Make the learning entertaining and funny
  • Personalized to get the books of children’s difficulty level
  • Create a multi-child profile. Children can create their individual profiles to track their progress
  • User-friendly interface that impacts the children’s minds quickly

It is a safe application for users. There are no bugs and viruses as it updates to fix quickly. It is lightweight that occupies low space from the RAM. You can install it on a low-end device. As a consequence, you do not lose the speed when you operate the phone and use other apps.

In the end, if you install the Read Along APK you never feel bored practicing the exercise of this platform. So, for the children’s convenience, you can install and enjoy learning.

Read Along
Google LLC

88.93 MB

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