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Description of Queen WhatsApp

Queen WhatsApp APK is mainly designed to meet users’ all required expectations. Generally, on official WhatsApp users feel disappointed and frustrated due to the lack of features. Keeping this in mind, the mod app offers users a bunch of new features to enhance their messaging experience.

This latest Queen WhatsApp application has exciting new features such as a customization option and exceptional functionality. With this mod app, you can personalize your all-sensitive messages to keep them secure and have lots of stunning themes.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about feature limitations while chatting with family and friends. This mod app will assist you in sharing your memorable moments with close people without any obstacles.

Features Of Queen WhatsApp App

This mod app has a remarkable feature to enhance your messaging experience.

For Android users, it will be a life-changing moment. Perhaps over the years, you have been grinding for limited features on traditional applications, but now those days will be gone. Just look below at the range of unique features you will experience on this mod application.

  • Take full control over your privacy.
  • Customize online status, freeze last seen, who can view your profile and so much more.
  • Now protect your sensitive messages more effectively than ever. With the app lock feature, you can now lock all your private messages and confidential information with a passcode or biometric authentication.
  • This fantastic feature allows users to customize their mod app theme. Here they will have various unique theme choices to bring unique designs to their messaging interface.
  • To make your messaging more interesting and fun, you will get this mod app five different sets of emojis. It will make your text more expressive and engaging while chatting with close people. 
  • It will assist you in sharing large files or any type of file with your friends and family.
  • With the mod app, you will get an anti-deletion option. This feature will allow you to read and retrieve deleted messages without letting the other person know.
  • Create a large group member. Now add more contacts to your mod app group and enjoy audio and video calls with them.

How To Change Privacy Settings On Queen WhatsApp

Your friends or office boss might notice that you have seen their message but haven’t responded yet. This will lead to an awkward moment for you, so now to avoid this kind of situation you can follow the steps below to change your privacy settings.

Step 1: Download Queen WhatsApp APK and open the app.

Step 2: Next go to the Menu and tap on the “Setting’.

Step 3: Now, tap on “Privacy”.

Step 4: After that, switch the “Read Receipts” option to turn off.

Step 5: Once done. Congrats, you changed your privacy settings.


Queen WhatsApp APK is the most promising and reliable mod app.

Here on the mod app, you can simply change your messaging experience completely.

Due to the limited features of official WA, you may get stuck while sharing large video files and be unable to download the status story. But now after downloading this fantastic mod app, you won’t have to face those issues, rather you can customize and secure all-important data for the rest of your life.

Queen WhatsApp

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