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Psiphon Pro

Psiphon Inc.

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Description of Psiphon Pro

If you want to access the internet bypassing censorship the solution is the Psiphon Pro application. It is a proxy technology or tool that supports uncensored access to internet content. It is a safe web and anonymizer system. So, you can access the internet freely and anonymously. 

From 2006, around the world, users were provided open access to the internet.

There is no registration, no subscription, and no configuration. Psiphon Pro app is a private tunnel between you and the internet. You can access it from anywhere and any time without any hinder. The fantastic feeling you will get by using it.


Features that make Psiphon Pro distinct from others,

  • Utilizing a performance-oriented and Single and multi-hop architecture
  • Open-source, peer-reviewed and trustworthy
  • VPN with customized proxy setting
  • Easy to download, install, and use
  • Connect for free
  • Accessing everything on the internet through the server network as normal
  • Credible, Safe, and secure that malicious virus cannot attack your device
  • Accessing and connecting all blocked sites that are under censorship 
  • A wider selection of protocols than other VPN
  • 12 million people access it every week
  • Users can set it manually

Psiphon is consist of 3 separate but related open-source software projects:

  1. 3.0 - A cloud-based run time tunneling system
  2. 0 - A cloud-based secure proxy system
  3. 1.0 – The original home-based server software

In end,  it is said that If you want to use the internet without any sort of restriction Psiphon Pro application is for you. It is a wonderful feeling that now it helps to unblock restricted content and makes web browsing freedom.

Psiphon Pro
Psiphon Inc.

30.85 MB

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