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Description of Payoneer

Do you need a global payment platform for your business?

You can select Payoneer APK as it is a well-recognized and easy payment platform worldwide. Now, it is the first choice for self-employed people to manage their payment submission and reception. You can operate your account from the Android smartphone by downloading its application.

Its main users are professionals, business owners, online purchasers, self-employed, marketplaces, freelancers, and so on. Payoneer app available exchange currencies are the dollar, euro, pound, and so on. If you need to pay hired staff, use this payment gateway to give their salary or remuneration.

Payoneer application included different sectors or industries such as e-commerce i.e. Fiverr, Upwork, Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Walmart, Airbnb, and so on. It is very famous and popular all over the planet. At present time, millions of people use it every day to simplify and ease their business transactions.

You can withdraw your money from the local bank as it is available in 200 countries, 150 curencies and 70 languages support it. It is a lightweight app for android users. It occupies a very lower space from your devices. So, you do not lose the speed of your mobile phone.

In addition, the latest Payoneer application is secure and safe for users. Your devices never fall at any danger as it does not contain any element such as virus, malware, or threat. Moreover, it update always to remove or fix bugs and other problems.

Key Features of Payoneer

  • Manage and control money transactions effectively and efficiently
  • Money sent, receive, canceled, and request
  • Comparatively cheap transaction and no costly hidden fees
  • Easily see the account status of payment, send, received, and so on
  • See the balance in multiple currencies and find conversion rates
  • Pay quickly and safely
  • The app is encrypted. So, there is no chance to lose data and information
  • Having a multi-lingual customer support team that help 24/7
  • User-friendly application

The interesting matter is that it is free to install and run. Besides, if you refer any friends and relatives you get a gift amount of free cash. In a nutshell, Payoneer APK is a wonderful financial service for business people all over the world. it is very useful for new startups and self-employed freelancers.

Due to its easy and simple transactional method, people choose it frequently for their convenience.

So, you can download and install the application.

Payoneer Inc.

125 MB

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