One Hand Operation
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

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Description of One Hand Operation

Do you want to operate your Samsung using your thumb gesture?

If yes, you can install the One Hand Operation app. It was designed and developed for Samsung devices. It allows the users to operate features and functions using only one hand. It makes your operating the device slightly easier. So, you find comfortability while running Android device.

People always seek an easy operating way for their devices.

One hand operating system is an innovation of Samsung. Generally, both hands are not able to use simultaneously. In this case, to operate the device, in some cases, people use one hand. Normally, it is tough to operate any device using one hand.

In this situation, the One Hand Operation application is great. You just select the action to accomplish each gesture. You also can slide your finger in any direction to complete the process.

You can use this gesture on different keys to continue swiping actions such as back key, home key, recent key, menu key, apps screen, previous app, forward, open notification panel, open quick panel, screen off, close app, flashlight, split screen view, assistance app, finder search, screenshot, show or hide the navigation bar, floating navigation buttons, pull-screen, one hand mode, power key menu, home screen shortcut, start application,  quick tools, task switcher, virtual touchpad, and so on.

  • Left Handle - back key, home key, recent key, previous app, task switcher, and so on
  • Right Handle - back key, home key, recent key, previous app, task switcher, and so on
  • Advance Setting – animation, Landscape mode, Spen Gesture, app exception

How To Use One Hand Operation

  1. Go to the Setting option of your device and click on the Advanced features option to activate.
  2. Now Click on One Hand Mode.
  3. Toggle to use the one-hand mode.
  4. Swiping down on the center of the bottom edge of the home screen. Now, double tap the home button.
  5. To exit from the one-hand mode tap on the black area.
  6. Adjust window size by dragging.
  7. Configuring long and short gesture.
  8. Fast, easy, and comfortable side gesture.
  9. Several usable tabs left handle, right handle, advance setting, gesture setting, touch width, size, position, vibration level, swipe distance, show notifications, fit to keyboard, and so on.
  10. The left handle has a short swipe ( straight right Diagonal up & Down, ) and a long swipe (straight right, Diagonal up & Down).
  11. Having easy control of volume, brightness, and setting.
  12. Users do not need huge tech knowledge to run it. It has an intuitive and simple user interface.

One Hand Operation app is lightweight that occupies a small memory space on your Android phone. Besides, it is a free app 100%. You do not need to pay a single dollar from your account to install it.  So, you do not get worried about financial issues.

In conclusion, One Hand Operation is a very handy app that is the latest innovation of Samsung to smoothen the op[eration of the mobile phone. You can run your device easily and effortlessly. So, you can decide to install it for your convenience.

One Hand Operation
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

7.58 MB

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