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Google Tasks

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Description of Google Tasks

Do you want to install a task management app to complete your task systematic way?

If yes, you can install Google Tasks APK from here. It is an official application of Google that is designed to make task management quicker, easier, and more effective. This app is excellent as it helps to check your tasks statuses, edit tasks, and manage all your to-do lists.

You just log in through the Google Account and enjoy its functional services. The latest Google Tasks app is great for your business. You need to set up a task title and include all detail. After that, you must add the deadline of your task. It is possible to create as many sub-tasks as you want.

So, it is very easy to complete the task.

Google Tasks application is a very popular and recognized task management app all over the world. Still, 10 million people complete the installation. You can use it standing anywhere anytime. This app helps you to get your task done. Now, you can plan, organize, and schedule work.

This app allows you to make a proper plan. As a result, plan execution is very quick and efficient. So, it is a very useful app who want to accomplish any project.

Features of Google Tasks

There are many task completion apps in the market. Among all, Google Tasks latest version is the best for its unique quality and wonderful features and functions. So, let’s see some features and functions below to get a brief idea about the app.

  • Creating a new task is easy and simple
  • Create an important to-do list
  • Completing tasks very faster as every task is devised step by step
  • Ad different tasks description to understand the task issue
  • Having a functional and friendly user interface
  • Integrated with Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Break down the large task to sub-task
  • Include work progress details
  • Set task start and end date
  • Create a connection with your team seamlessly 
  • Using drag and drop, organize your task and create priority based on the date and time
  • Set alert and reminder notifications of the tasks
  • Set the due date of every task
  • Create, organize, order, and reorganize the task
  • Delete tasks that are not required
  • Hide confidential tasks
  • Mark complete and incomplete tasks

The interesting matter is that you need not pay a single penny from your wallet. Google offers it 100% free of cost. So, don’t feel worried about the financial investment. Besides, it is a small size app. if you install it occupies low space from your Android RAM.

It is not a heavy burden for your device. As a result, your device does not lose navigational speed.

Google Tasks app is 100% safe. It does not contain any sort of dangerous bug or virus as it upgrades from time to time to remove this element. So, you get a clean and smooth app to run. Besides, it is a secure app. In addition, the Google Tasks application is undoubtedly legal completely.

In conclusion, the Google Tasks APK helps you to create, and manage your task very effectively and efficiently. So, without getting hesitation, you can install it on your Android smartphone device.

Google Tasks
Google LLC

7.80 MB

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