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Description of Google News

Do you search one app to find all of your news?

If yes, you can install Google News APK now. It is a useful for news lovers. It is designed and developed by Google. Mainly, it was replaced by Google Current. This app assists you to search for the news that you are interested in. This platform provides breaking news to read.

Besides, the latest Google News application offers different categories of content, articles, audio, and videos associated with news. You get news about cooking, leisure, technology, entertainment, and other news. This news application was launched in september, 2002.

It is available in 35 languages such as Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, and others.

Its front page shows the first 200 characters of the news content and provides a link for its larger articles. Google News app allows you to customize your location. Whenever anything happens near you you find the notification through the app. you find top stories of the news.

Besides, you saved your searches to read later. In addition, you find different news sections such as US, Covid-19, World, Local News, Business, Technology, entertainment, Science, Health, sports, and so on. Google News application is very popular all over the globe.

Still, it has been installed about 1 billion times. You get local, national regional, and international news headlines to keep updated about the world. the interesting matter is that if you want to install the app you need not pay money from your pocket.

It is a 100% free app for Android users.

Benefits of Google News

  • Discover current events occurring in the world
  • Diverse content from different sites and publishers
  • Bookmarks and share articles with other
  • Shar in different social media platforms

Key Features of Google News APK

  • Stay updated with your necessary and favorite news
  • Bookmarks news and articles to read later
  • Share news with friends and family
  • Read news both online and offline
  • Finding local, international, regional news
  • No need to register
  • No subscription fees required
  • Aggregate content from more than 20000 publishers

If you install the Google News app, it does not occupy low space from memory or RAM. This is because it is a lightweight app. it does not get burdened for your Android. So, you do not lose the operational and navigational speed of your device and other saved apps & tools.

This is a Google service. It is undoubtedly a safe, secure, and legitimate app. it updates regularly to keep clean from the unwanted and risky elements. Besides, it is 100% secure. If you install it you never lose the valuable data that is preserved on your device.

This is because it encrypts your data. It has a great privacy policy to protect your data and information. In a nutshell, Google News APK is a source of daily news for news lovers. It highlights what is happening regularly. You can install it for getting updated news about the world.

Google News
Google LLC

17.60 MB

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