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Google Apps Device Policy

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Description of Google Apps Device Policy

Google Apps Device Policy APK is a security policy tool for Android. It protects and secures the privacy of the users. This tool helps individual users to lock, locate, and wipe or clean phones remotely. There are security terms and conditions that administrators apply as security policies.

Whenever anybody is required to enroll the device, the IT Administrator can take help to set the policy by using Google Apps Device Policy app. It is a very handy tool for users. If any institute, company, or organization has the best policies, terms, and conditions it is easy to survive in the market.

Generally, security settings like screen lock or device encryption keep or remain the business information and data safe and secure in the long run. This application helps you to review all required security policies that you applied on your Android device at any point in time.

It also enforces your company's security policy on your device to keep safe data and make the device more secure. If you are an IT administrator of a company you need to install and enroll the latest Google Apps Device Policy application. It mandates you to set security issues for your device.

What can you do by using Google Apps Device Policy

  • Device management and  sync of the device
  • Observe network and security policies setting
  • Available multiple account setting support
  • A work profile creation in the device

Features of Google Apps Device Policy

  • Give your device password length and strength
  • Before the device is wiped, it allowed several invalid passwords
  • Recently expired passwords are blocked
  • Aving option to audit application
  • Account removal remotely
  • Remote management system
  • Used for organizations G suite
  • Get your organization's apps all in one place
  • Keep your data private
  • Keep your data safe and secure
  • Easy and simple user interface
  • Device details shared with the administrator
  • The device password must have letters and numbers
  • At least 4 characters are needed to set the password

Google Apps Device Policy app allows you to get access to Gmail, Google Calendar Google Doc, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Hangouts, and so on. This app is very handy for Android users. So, it is very popular all over the world. Day by day its popularity is increasing.

This mobile application is free to install on your Android device. You need not pay for it. So, there is no worrying matter about it. Besides, it is a light application that occupies low space from your Android memory or RAM. So, it is not a burden for your Android.

In addition, you do not find any risky or harmful elements that damage your device. So, you can install it for your convenience. If you install the Google Apps Device Policy APK, you can manage your Google work accounts. It also allows you to maintain the security of your devices.

Without further delay, you choose the app.

Google Apps Device Policy
Google LLC

6.76 MB

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