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Google AIY Projects
Google LLC

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Description of Google AIY Projects

Google AIY Projects APK allows you to connect easily with your assembled Vision or Voice Kit to a Wi-Fi network from your mobile device. Using this app, you can identify IP Address that helps to communicate with your AIY kit wirelessly from your Android device.

If you use the Google AIY Projects app, you must ensure vision kit is Assembled. You must boot it up at least once according to the assembly Guide. Get prepared pair your Vision Kit for Unplug and open the back flap. Just, you need to access the inside of your Kit to start pairing.

If your Vision Kit remains plugged, you need to unplug it first.

This needs to be turned on pairing mode. You press and hold the button on the Vision Bonnet until its LED flashes get green. You find a button on the top of the Vision Bonnet. Within 5 seconds, LED flashes go green. The latest Google AIY Projects application is designed and developed by Google LLC.

It is very popular for several reasons,

  • Vision Kit: You can do it yourself with an intelligent camera that experiments with image recognition using neural networks. The camera can see faces, detect emotion, and recognize common objects. It helps you to create your own project. It takes action based on what Vision Kit sees.
  • Voice kit: you can do it yourself with the intelligent speaker. It allows making experiments with voice recognition and the Google Assistant. The Google Assistant app builds an intelligent speaker that can understand and reply to and respond to you whenever you enquire question to do something. By using Voice Kit, you can produce your project. overall, you use voice recognition to control robots, music, games, and many more.
  • Free application: Google AIY Projects app is a 100% free app for Android users. You do not need to invest money from your pocket. So, there is no financial transaction issue.
  • Lightweight: This app is a lightweight app. If you want to install APK's latest version you need only 2 to 3 MB of data or space from your device. As a result, you can install it on a low-end Android device. So, that your device does not lose the navigational and operational speed.
  • Safe and secure:  Google AIY Projects app is completely safe and secure. There is no doubt about it. It followed all safety and security rules. Besides, it updates always to fix the unwanted elements such as bugs, spyware, threats, malware, bloatware, viruses, bugs, etc. in addition, it has a strong privacy policy that helps to keep encrypted your information and data. You never fall into theft to lose your stored data. As a consequence, you can depend on the app. 
  • Legal: Google designed the app following all international legal procedures and standards. You do not get worried about the legality.
  • No cable or other peripherals are needed.

In the end, the Google AIY Projects APK is great. You can use it for your better convenience. So, without getting hesitation, you can install the application.

Google AIY Projects
Google LLC

2.32 MB

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